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» 3GP video on CPR

Summary: Comprehensive tools on the move


Arrived: 2008-07-05
Found under: 3gp, video, cpr,
Symbian 3GP video on CPR freeware

» 3GP video on CPR Description

You do not know when you needed it and you may save a life :)

the 3GP video on CPR for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed9Jul at 8:04 am
satya wrote...
very gooood
Wed9Jul at 10:33 pm
Mohiddin wrote...
very very good
Fri11Jul at 4:47 am
prem wrote...
very helpful content
Fri11Jul at 7:10 pm
balima wrote...
c est bom
Sat12Jul at 9:46 am
sandeep wrote...
it;s too good
Fri18Jul at 9:03 am
folexzy wrote...
cool app
Wed17Sep at 9:45 pm
kok fong wrote...
very very very good
Sun14Dec at 10:56 pm
azwar wrote...
Sun15Feb at 4:51 pm
edi_exl wrote...
very good
Mon31Aug at 3:51 am
Babarajudass wrote...
Real one player
Wed1Jun at 7:22 am
naser wrote...
Fri19Oct at 4:39 pm
Dewi wrote...
I think the real concern here shluod be the developers. MS has setup a great platform for developing for WP7, and I'm sure there will be a lot of big name game studios due to the X-Box integration, but is it enough? I think severing the load from backwards compatibility is probably a great move. The real question will be if the developers have already jumped ship or not. If they aren't willing to redesign apps then the whole thing is pointless. I've seen some interest from XDA and the like, so I am abnormally optimistic.



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