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» Absolute Radio

Summary: Absolute Radio is a live streaming radio for symbian device.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-03-14
Found under: radio, absolute, music
Symbian Absolute Radio  freeware

» Absolute Radio Description

Absolute Radio is a live streaming radio for symbian device like Nokia N95, N73, N82 or Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Choose between real music on Absolute Radio UK, rock music on Absolute Classic Rock, undisputed classics on Absolute 80s, and new and alternative tracks on user-controlled dabbl.

Absolute Radio Screenshots

Absolute Radio is a live streaming radio for symbian device. Absolute Radio is a live streaming radio for symbian device.

the Absolute Radio for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue16Mar at 1:50 pm
kevs wrote...
absolutely wont work on n95 8gb
Sun11Apr at 3:21 pm
flufie wrote...
Sat22May at 10:30 pm
purple wrote...
how do u exit??? Sum1 plz leme noe
Mon14Jun at 12:38 am
ERIK ROY wrote...
I like it
Wed30Jun at 1:31 am
bikas wrote...
Thu5Aug at 4:40 pm
omid wrote...
Mon16Aug at 3:52 pm
faizal wrote...
Dear site manager Pls send me download link for Absolute Radio
Thu26May at 2:59 pm
azzo wrote...
Hi, does it work with wi-fi connection? Can I type my favourite radio url or must only listen to "Absolute Radio "??? thanks
Mon23Jul at 3:40 pm
Georg wrote...
call drop cause u have to hold the shit properly, no video call over 3g but still 3g phone rcodiulis, no satnav gps system google maps for navigation sucks, fake internet experience cause no flash and no html 5, idiotic colour in photo and video makes photo look fake, ibook to read pdf is sucks, huge memory consumption of app if u have 16 gb u can only install 15 games and 300 songs 2 moovies no sd card suppor no hdmi, always take care of it as a girl cause all over glass can break if u touch hard, and many more but i dont wanna make u bore conclusion iphone 4 sucks only american can use that kind of crap +2Was this answer helpful?
Sun25Nov at 1:37 am
Gillar wrote...
The difference being that Apple didn't advtseire the iPhone cutting and pasting or other features when it didn't have such. Heck, the commercials were actually showing a real live device doing things.The key here is that the N97 video was completely unrelated to reality. They were showing special effects that did not exist.I offer this advice, erm, Mike. Do know what you're talking about. Viewing Youtube, browsing the web, and emailing were all part of iPhone OS 1.0 in 2007, and they actually worked as advtseired.



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