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» Active Notes

Summary: With Active Notes you can make a note that included an audio file, picture or video etc.

Symbian s60

Arrived: 2007-10-20
Found under: s60, note, audio, video, picture, organize
Symbian Active Notes freeware

» Active Notes Description

With Active Notes you can make a note that included an audio file, picture or video etc.

the Active Notes for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed24Oct at 4:29 pm
Puddi wrote...
It should also be mentioned that these notes can be linked with contacts. This means that when one of your contacts calls you, the notes (pictures, text, video etc.) can automatically be displayed. Might be useful for some of you.
Fri26Oct at 6:30 pm
Mondo wrote...
Excellent App. Well constructed, very functional. Great on Nokia N95. Works well with contacts and voice recorder to keep records of things.
Sun11Nov at 2:02 am wrote...
Wed21Nov at 9:42 pm
Asif M. Orujov wrote...
Does it work with Nokia N70?
Tue4Dec at 6:25 am
prince wrote...
i cant download directly from my n95, the mime type must ave nt bn set. I think this happens on all downloads 4rm ur site. I think da web team should look at this.
Mon7Jan at 7:33 pm
saer wrote...
it no work with N70!It is 3rd!
Mon14Jan at 11:22 am
Tue15Jan at 3:29 pm
paul wrote...
where can i get it
Wed6Aug at 10:31 pm
Heng wrote...
Thank for sharing to the world.
Sun1Feb at 5:52 pm
daniel wrote...
Tue5May at 11:22 pm
jodel wrote...
Let me know if there will be an update on the software, say, Synching with PC with a Third Party software or interface with the Microsoft Outlook Notes section.
Tue14Jul at 6:39 am
Amit Nayyar wrote...
I have nokia N79. whenever I trying to instal Active notes.. its not instaled due to certificate error.. Kindly do the need ful... my no. is +919872399995
Sat18Jul at 5:42 am
Sudhir K Singh wrote...
I tried installing Active Notes on my new Nokia N86. But I am getting a certificate error. Contact supplier, it says. This is despite the fact that software installation is set to "all" and certificate check is "off". What can be done? I desperately need Active Notes.
Fri31Jul at 2:35 pm
gb ola wrote...
I tried installing Active Notes on N78 but i keep getting 'Certificate Error. Contact Application Supplier'. Pla waht can I do?
Tue22Sep at 12:46 pm
santi reina wrote...
Me parece un brune programa necesito para llevar notas y archivos de sonido
Sat26Sep at 7:53 am
mark twain wrote...
im trying to get it on the n86 as well but cant find any notes app that will install on it :(
Fri12Feb at 3:29 am
Srivatsan wrote...
Thanks a lot, i have been dreaming about this functionality from an application.
Mon12Apr at 1:41 am
tmath1956 wrote...
I tried installing Active Notes on my new Nokia N86. But I am getting a certificate error. Contact supplier. what to do?????
Wed4Aug at 4:55 am
Mseeni wrote...
Wed18Aug at 2:32 am
Miro wrote...
Nokia 5230 with S60 5th I have Problems with the Certification of the Programm
Mon8Nov at 6:23 am
David wrote...
If you have the Certificate error change the date on your phone, in my N86 to mid 2007, and when the instalation is finished ok change the date to present time.
Thu9Dec at 8:00 am
vikas chopra wrote...
Can I install active notes on my blackberry
Sat12Mar at 5:37 am
Sunil Jani wrote...
Its the most user friendly note taking app.
Tue15Mar at 2:44 am
hooman-14 wrote...
very very thanks.
Mon21Mar at 10:31 am
G-Man wrote...
I downloaded this to my PC then tried transferring using Nokia PC Suite to my phone. My phone said, "Certificate Error. Contact the Application Supplier." It was unable/unwilling to load the software at all. Any suggestions/fixes please? Thank you. I have a Nokia X6-00 (RM-559) 16GB using s/w v20.0.005. Thank you, G-Man
Tue19Jul at 8:34 pm
Beans wrote...
I have the same problem as G-Man. Help?
Wed14Sep at 4:17 pm
fchacone wrote...
Hi, I vave the same problem as G-Man and Beans. help?
Tue20Sep at 5:07 pm
jGRite wrote...
I kind of need this on my N8. What date do I set to install it> I've tried 2011, 2007, 2005, 2001.
Fri2Dec at 2:00 am
Howdy wrote...
With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my ientrnet hope alive.
Thu19Jan at 2:51 am
Erum wrote...
Sun8Apr at 9:46 pm
Hathodo wrote...
Error in certi
Sun8Apr at 9:46 pm
Hathodo wrote...
Error in certi
Mon7May at 3:23 am
AndyX wrote...
It can not be installed due to expired certificate.Hope it will be renewed soon.
Sat17Nov at 1:04 pm
melkyalvian wrote...



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