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» Adafix

Summary: Adafix for Symbian s60 5th edition offers you a caller ID with Facebook content!

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-06-17
Found under: social, call, facebook, picture, status, s60, 5th
Symbian Adafix freeware

» Adafix Description

Adafix offers you a caller ID with Facebook content!

When a Facebook friend calls you on your mobile, ADAFFIX automatically displays a pop-up showing you the up-to-date status, photo and other relevant content of your friend.

You have also your missed call notification with Facebook content. If you miss a call you will see when your friend called, as well as the status and photo.

You can see your Top 5 Facebook callers on the ADAFFIX application in Facebook. You can also see details of your Facebook friends calling you over the last 7 days.
ADAFFIX also provides Caller ID for unknown callers and a list of numbers of e.g. other pharmacies in the same area if you cannot get through to the pharmacy you call. All you need is 3G in your network and you are ready to go! Once you have registered for ADAFFIX on Facebook and installed ADAFFIX on your mobile phone you will enjoy the following features. ADAFFIX is a free application. Only carrier charges apply.

ADAFFIX works in every country and regardless of your language. Currently there are special versions for English, Spanish, French, Portugese, Italian and German. ADAFFIX will automatically adjust to the language settings on your phone.

the Adafix for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sat19Jun at 2:13 am
Old Ghosts wrote...
WTF! have you read the T's & C's?!? they are having a laugh, if you agree to use this then all your personal info will be sold!! adware scamware!
Mon28Jun at 2:30 pm
Rocky wrote...
Can't install any app in my phone
Sun18Jul at 4:06 am
dedysynth wrote...
Better ?
Wed6Apr at 7:08 am
yves levis wrote...
Yes i like it
Sun6Nov at 4:25 pm
toyin ogunwale wrote...
it's good 2
Sun26Aug at 8:41 pm
Umesh wrote...
Backdated? What are you blabbering about? Smartphones do NOT have e-ink sencers, which do not strain the eyes and use up so little power that the battery can last for a month. Buying a book on a smartphone really does strain your eyes, just like reading on your computer for long periods does. This device is designed for only one purpose Reading. If you are a big reader, you understand. If you are not
Fri21Sep at 11:40 am
petusa5555 wrote...
Thu1Nov at 1:12 am
Ahmed wrote...
Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and rnuinng.
Thu8Nov at 12:43 am
biveksingh wrote...
l want all number that i search



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