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» Advanced Battery Saver Free

Summary: Some days your phone battery runs low too quickly, and those are usually the days you need it the most. Use Advanced Battery Saver (ABS) to extend

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2011-03-21
Found under: Applications, Utilities
Symbian Advanced Battery Saver Free freeware

» Advanced Battery Saver Free Description

Some days your phone battery runs low too quickly, and those are usually the days you need it the most. Use Advanced Battery Saver (ABS) to extend your battery life by up to 30%! With this excellent saver, you can adjust your phone ’s power consumption (or let the auto saver do it) and postpone the need to charge it. Easily identify and cut down non-critical battery eaters such as Bluetooth, Internet connection, lights. ABS will help you optimize your battery use and make sure you stay connected!

the Advanced Battery Saver Free for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed23Mar at 3:18 am
shan dhanuka kaluarachchi wrote...
Wed23Mar at 3:28 pm
todos wrote...
Thu24Mar at 1:26 am
rad,azad wrote...
fuck your mother
Fri25Mar at 6:07 am
Mostafa wrote...
i didnt try this app so far ? i just wonder about comments ??? is it safe app ?
Sat26Mar at 1:24 am
Javad wrote...
Wed30Mar at 4:46 am
david assomull wrote...
best websit for symbian apps, tanks
Wed30Mar at 4:49 pm
al7alm wrote...
Thu31Mar at 6:21 am
faraz wrote...
its the best website :)
Thu31Mar at 4:05 pm
navdeep wrote...
its best
Fri1Apr at 1:05 pm
Raja wrote...
It is very easy
Sun3Apr at 10:38 am
tienvinh wrote...
Sun3Apr at 4:18 pm
hamid meniat wrote...
Mon4Apr at 12:26 pm
step hen wrote...
Wed6Apr at 9:35 am
meddib wrote...
very good app
Thu7Apr at 2:38 am
asghar wrote...
Sat23Apr at 8:04 am
george wrote...
Wed27Apr at 1:26 pm
Abbas Isa wrote...
it is a nice application especially in here where their is no constant power supply
Fri6May at 8:21 am
Murphy wrote...
how do u Download?
Thu19May at 11:46 am
Firoj wrote...
It is best soft
Sat27Aug at 3:47 am
eyob wrote...
nice application
Tue6Sep at 10:52 pm
olumide wrote...
Tue1Nov at 2:27 am
sajjad ali wrote...
Sun11Dec at 4:51 am
djalkan wrote...
Thu1Mar at 11:43 am
tijjani wrote...
I like saving energy
Fri9Mar at 1:28 pm
jonesawarrior14 wrote...
thanks very much
Fri23Mar at 12:18 pm
Daisy Wonder wrote...
Battery Saver
Wed28Mar at 5:35 am
Naveen wrote...
Fri2Nov at 7:18 am
Jeba wrote...
Sun9Dec at 9:40 pm
drake wrote...
let me use it first



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