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» Agile Messenger 2.0: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! & AOL for Nokia 6600

Summary: Agile Messenger is a free instant messaging application that supports ICQ®, AOL®, Yahoo!® and MSN®.

Arrived: 2004-01-28
Found under: agile, messenger, icq, msn, yahoo, aol, nokia, 6600
Symbian Agile Messenger 2.0: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! & AOL for Nokia 6600 freeware

» Agile Messenger 2.0: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! & AOL for Nokia 6600 Description

Agile Messenger is an Instant Messenger for your mobile telephone. Agile Messenger supports the four most popular instant messaging services: ICQ®, AOL®, Yahoo!® and MSN®. Not only is Agile Messenger the most user friendly and reliable instant messenger available for your mobile phone, it is also completely free. Thanks to Agile Messenger you can be truly mobile and never be out of contact with your business contacts or friends again.

the Agile Messenger 2.0: ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! & AOL for Nokia 6600 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun12Nov at 5:58 am
andika wrote...
like's good
Mon15Jan at 10:12 am
jack wrote...
Wed30May at 7:23 am
Mohammed wrote...
i need a msn tht can log yahoo id
Fri6Jul at 12:39 am
Atiq wrote...
i Need messenger for my moblie
Sat4Aug at 3:23 am
kiko wrote...
Sat18Aug at 2:43 pm
Paul wrote...
Sat18Aug at 2:44 pm
eaddad wrote...
Sat18Aug at 3:32 pm
Paul wrote...
Very nice
Tue25Sep at 3:22 am
tari wrote...
i can't download that
Sat10Nov at 8:47 am
orhan wrote...
nokia 6233 msn agile
Mon19Nov at 12:13 am
nick wrote...
Sat22Dec at 10:08 pm
chintan wrote...
yahoo messenger
Thu3Jan at 4:53 am
appab05 wrote...
Tue22Jan at 5:55 am
Wed6Feb at 9:14 pm
Dinu wrote...
I need a mobile messenger
Wed13Feb at 2:11 pm
faysal wrote...
cool greatest way to join people at the bed
Thu20Mar at 4:12 am
rivo wrote...
aggilemesseger for nokia 6600
Fri11Apr at 7:28 pm
switch10 wrote...
Sun13Apr at 6:36 am
faksy wrote...
Fri18Apr at 6:46 am
mohannad wrote...
thanks aloot so cool
Mon21Apr at 9:33 pm
wani wrote...
Thu1May at 1:12 am
roman wrote...
not to bad
Thu29May at 9:18 pm
Djajangm3 wrote...
Downlaod aplikasi
Sat21Jun at 6:39 am
jimmygave wrote...
will i think this software good one. that people allow communicate with other. lol
Tue24Jun at 4:54 am
shafeeq akbar wrote...
i hate my 6600 because it can,t download any thing
Mon7Jul at 6:20 am
anna wrote...
Wed16Jul at 10:31 am
muhammad azam wrote...
Wed30Jul at 3:38 pm
kamel wrote...
very good program
Tue4Nov at 6:25 am
rwaed wrote...
thank you for it
Fri27Feb at 11:11 am
andi wrote...
a very good software
Sun26Apr at 8:56 pm
chandana wrote...
a very good software
Sat13Jun at 3:12 am
wtlove wrote...
I live mobile messenger and thank's to symbian free ware .Thank's again.
Wed2Sep at 2:34 pm
minesh wrote...
m trying downoadvut nt able too
Sun21Mar at 4:32 pm
Moatz wrote...
very bad
Fri23Jul at 8:21 am
jahid h fajju ghogha wrote...
Tue10Aug at 5:35 pm
.Undhuy. wrote...
Gud app.
Tue25Jan at 1:43 am
jesusa mayoyo wrote...
its a nice software
Sat5Nov at 5:32 am
reno abdul azis wrote...
Fri6Jan at 7:34 am
Faisal wrote...
Sat28Jan at 10:05 am
banaras wrote...
nic softw
Tue17Jul at 4:38 am
saeed wrote...
sweet heart



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