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» AnyRemote v4.15

Summary: AnyRemote v4.15

Symbian s60 3th edition

Arrived: 2009-01-29
Found under: application, utilities, bluetooth
Symbian AnyRemote v4.15 freeware

» AnyRemote v4.15 Description

The aim of this project is to provide remote control service on Linux through Bluetooth, InfraRed, Wi-Fi or just TCP/IP connection.
AnyRemote supports wide range of modern cell phones like Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola and others. It was developed as thin communication layer between Bluetooth (or IR, Wi-Fi) capabled phone and Linux, and in principle could be configured to manage almost any software.
AnyRemote can be used by:
- bluetooth connection with java client if cell phone is JSR82 compatible
- Wi-Fi connection with java client if phone supports Wi-Fi
- IR connection with java client if java realization in phone supports access to IR port
- ordinary TCP/IP connection with java client, if PC is connectable from internet
- bluetooth, infrared or cable connection using AT "modem" commands
- web interface
- it supports some of IR remotes supplied with TV tuner cards (like LIRC)
- it has limited support for Bemused clients

the AnyRemote v4.15 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Fri30Jan at 4:35 am
Philemon Ochieng wrote...
Thanks a million for the inumerous apps.Problem is my phone is symbian uiq3 ,S.E.p990i,yet I get symbian s60 apps. Heellp.
Sun1Feb at 3:12 am
basel wrote...
Wed23Sep at 7:02 am
jim amor wrote...
very good
Thu10Jun at 2:56 pm
Dave wrote...
Its cool.
Thu18Nov at 11:44 pm
tanjayasri wrote...
Thu18Nov at 11:56 pm
tanjayasri wrote...
Fri29Apr at 4:28 pm
s don wrote...
pls i love dis sid but can't download any tin pls help
Fri29Apr at 4:36 pm
s don wrote...
pls i don't know how to download an file from here and i love dis site
Thu9Feb at 1:49 pm
sufi-khan wrote...



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