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» AppForge Booster for Sony Ericsson P800/P900

Summary: AppForge BoosterŪ is an operating system extension that enhances the functionality of handheld devices.

Arrived: 2003-12-16
Found under: appforge, booster, sony, ericsson, p800p900
Symbian AppForge Booster for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 freeware

» AppForge Booster for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 Description

AppForge BoosterŪ is an operating system extension that enhances the functionality of handheld devices. When installed on a device, you are able to run thousands of applications developed by the leading mobile application developers. Many of these applications are available for download on this site. AppForge Booster is not freeware, however, through a license agreement with Sony Ericsson. Inc., AppForge Booster for the P800 is available without additional charge to end users. Software Developers:
Applications written using MobileVB from AppForge, Inc. are written in Visual Basic 6.0 and require AppForge Booster to run. You can find more information on this development software at

the AppForge Booster for Sony Ericsson P800/P900 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun4Mar at 3:35 pm
trerte wrote...
Sun15Apr at 1:25 pm
ddfghj wrote...
Sun6May at 1:35 am
amir hosein wrote...
ecam compatibility
Tue8May at 1:35 am
hamid wrote...
very usefull
Tue18Sep at 4:59 am
chandimal wrote...
Wed19Sep at 5:53 am
teddy wrote...
waw good for big application
Mon5Nov at 11:54 pm
wahyu wrote...
nice application
Sun11Nov at 1:12 am
harpreet wrote...
Wed28Nov at 5:35 am
nero wrote...
Thu20Dec at 1:23 am
farhan wrote...
Wed26Dec at 4:07 am
past wrote...
Sun13Jan at 10:20 pm
Holger Hennings wrote...
I need the AppForge Booster.
Sat9Feb at 2:23 pm
amar wrote...
i need application forge booster for my p800, when i install a new programme in my p800, it ask me to install first appforge booster, if u kindly send me the file on my email address, i will be very thankful to u, thanx
Sun29Jun at 1:40 pm
WAKIL AHMED wrote...
i love softwares too much
Sun17Aug at 1:12 am
Kelana wrote...
hope with this time i have somethink important to use dificult a hard live.
Thu25Dec at 12:19 am
tahir wrote...
very good software
Fri26Dec at 6:58 am
joyeb wrote...
it is useful
Tue26Jan at 11:25 pm
Jay Ar wrote...
what's the use of this application?
Thu1Nov at 3:12 am
Lusine wrote...
Intelligence and sipmlicity - easy to understand how you think.



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