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» AutoExecutor

Summary: Uitility to launch applications on phone boot


Arrived: 2008-05-21
Found under: autoexecutor, uiq, launcher, key, mapper
Symbian AutoExecutor freeware

» AutoExecutor Description

Start AutoExecutor. Mark the applications to be launched on boot using Enter key or Mark soft key on the screen. Go to Options dialog via More/Options and check the box "Load AutoExec on system boot". On the next reboot selected applications will be autostarted. You might use More/Test command to start the aplications you have marked without rebooting the phone.
AutoExecutor should be Symbian signed prior to be installed on the phone. You may sign it online via Symbian Signed Open Signed Online service.

the AutoExecutor for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed27Aug at 10:07 pm
rain wrote...
hi, can u pls tell me how to sign the downloaded item? when I tried to install it, it cant install because it is unsigned.
Wed24Sep at 5:22 am
Björn wrote...
The download links to LongCuts, not AutoExecutor. Same for Barcode.
Tue19May at 1:00 pm
OEIL wrote...
also for me : ""The download links to LongCuts, not AutoExecutor. Same for Barcode.""
Thu15Oct at 11:30 am
pussnakal wrote...
p990 use differently security,but that's not problem.use program to capswith n installer,thats for hook your p990 to breake security.send email to me at can install what u want.
Tue24Jul at 8:37 pm
kalandaka wrote...
very good



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