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» AZpen Text Input for SymbianUIQ (free shareware version)

Summary: Reliable text input usable even with fingertip & when on the move. Free shareware version.

Arrived: 2004-12-22
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Symbian AZpen Text Input for SymbianUIQ (free shareware version) freeware

» AZpen Text Input for SymbianUIQ (free shareware version) Description

AZpen is a new way to enter text that can be used without a stylus - even on the move when other methods are impractical.

AZpen allows you to use your device in more places and situations making it more useful to you.

This is the free shareware version with some feature and date limitation. For no limitations buy the commercial version.

Key Features

Fingertip Operation for texting on the move

It is possible to dispense with the stylus and enter text with just a fingertip. Operation is so easy you can even write while travelling or walking along.

Simple Gestures for reliable error-free input

With just a single straight line for every letter, number and common punctuation these simple strokes are quick to draw and easy to interpret so no mistakes are made.

Vowels+Alphabet memorable layout

The alphabetic layout has a vowel at the start of each row acting as a signpost for new users to quickly determine each letter. The vowels and alphabet are the best known sequences of letters and together they make a supremely memorable combination.

See Your Application and use it too

There is no keyboard or writing area to use up the screen so your app remains fully visible and fully usable.

Easy Accents and other symbols

Accented letters, currency symbols etc are all available using a logical and intuitive method that is quick and simple.

User Shortcuts for customisation

More than two hundred shortcuts may be user-defined for frequently used words, short phrases and special characters.

Interactive Tutorial for quick learning

A comprehensive 20 topic tutorial to guide beginners complete with interactive exercises to allow users to try out and practise for themselves. And whenever AZpen is being used, instant reference help can be displayed on demand.


Symbian UIQ based SonyEricsson P800, P900 & P910 or true compatibles only.


Please visit for more information.

the AZpen Text Input for SymbianUIQ (free shareware version) for Symbian OS

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mervin wrote...
Fri6Jul at 2:19 pm
aryan wrote...
Mon14Jan at 9:45 am
Ahmed Samy wrote...
will check it first
Thu27Aug at 10:09 am
Azam wrote...
Exciting one ican.t wait so please iwanna try.he



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