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» Bronze Cubic theme by Taieb

Summary: Smoothly floating bronze cubes theme for Symbian s60 3th edition

Symbian s60 3th edition

Arrived: 2008-04-10
Found under: theme, bronze, cube, Taieb, s60
Symbian Bronze Cubic theme by Taieb freeware

» Bronze Cubic theme by Taieb Description

Smoothly floating bronze cubes theme for Symbian s60 3th edition

This is full QVGA graphics and icons theme and it really looks great the phone.

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the Bronze Cubic theme by Taieb for Symbian OS

» Comments

Thu10Apr at 10:22 am
dnny wrote...
Thu10Apr at 1:53 pm
zizi wrote...
this guy is damn good!!!
Thu10Apr at 2:20 pm
yusufn95 wrote...
MashaALLAH, Its great.
Thu10Apr at 4:03 pm
nick wrote...
nice job!!!!
Thu10Apr at 11:25 pm
Chacha wrote...
s it work in N80 ?? coz many times download n only carakter appear,anybody know y,send me email
Fri11Apr at 6:10 am
Harshad Mendadkar wrote...
very nice
Fri11Apr at 9:27 am
lavish wrote...
Fri11Apr at 9:28 am
lavish wrote...
Fri11Apr at 5:34 pm
faycal wrote...
good them :)
Sat12Apr at 1:13 am
pradap wrote...
very good service
Sat12Apr at 10:20 am
aras wrote...
symbian-freeware must be the best
Mon14Apr at 7:25 am
Sidh wrote...
Too good
Mon14Apr at 8:21 pm
mints wrote...
ok, it's good
Mon14Apr at 8:40 pm
Joe Smith wrote...
I love this theme
Mon14Apr at 10:10 pm
marokan wrote...
merci merci
Tue15Apr at 8:50 pm
tommy wrote...
very nice and try it first
Wed16Apr at 1:34 am
dedi sopian wrote...
good software
Thu17Apr at 9:51 pm
risha wrote...
verry nice
Fri18Apr at 3:28 am
Rodrigo Lugod Jr. wrote...
Why the zip files are forbidden? I can't download the stuff. It's really awfull. I spent time in browsing your site, then I found freeware and free download but its forbidden, what the fuck is it?
Sun20Apr at 5:30 am
emilio wrote...
very good
Mon21Apr at 4:21 am
milan wrote...
Mon21Apr at 9:00 am
Kundan wrote...
It's nice.
Tue22Apr at 3:21 am
Dudakiya Yagnesh wrote...
Tue22Apr at 8:31 am
ragul wrote...
Looks good
Sat26Apr at 2:11 pm
hummad wrote...
very good
Sun27Apr at 7:14 pm
Rafael Saucedo Rdz. wrote...
Muy original, buen color.
Sun4May at 7:45 am
ferdee wrote...
Tue6May at 6:43 am
omtannu wrote...
Fri9May at 3:42 am
brur wrote...
Sun11May at 6:29 pm
tomus wrote...
Mon12May at 7:00 pm
munya wrote...
fantastic theme. Keep up the good work guys
Tue27May at 1:21 am
manas wrote...
its nice
Tue27May at 1:21 am
manas wrote...
its nice
Tue10Jun at 2:38 pm
valy wrote...
Thu12Jun at 10:10 am
valy wrote...
Sun15Jun at 5:18 am
mobin wrote...
very good site
Wed18Jun at 1:29 pm
ulle wrote...
Mon23Jun at 3:00 pm
Mikey wrote...
Excellent theme!! @ rodrigo lugod jr.: stuff dlls just fine dude!better get rid of that $15 phone and buy a real Nokia u bum!hahahaha...
Tue8Jul at 9:36 am
juni wrote...
very good!!!!
Sun21Sep at 7:52 pm
rheom wrote...
Mon22Sep at 9:27 pm
luis wrote...
Wed22Oct at 4:31 pm
billin wrote...
estan bien perros los temas
Sun3May at 12:16 pm
marcela vergara wrote...
very good
Mon27Jul at 3:49 pm
nacho wrote...
good job
Tue25Aug at 12:35 pm
maty wrote...
no entiendo yo hablo espaņol, y kisiera descargar los temas
Sun21Feb at 9:39 pm
sergio wrote...
muy bueno pero imposible bajar
Mon5Apr at 5:58 am
jensie wrote...
it's nice.... very good thema... Thank you very much... Taieb The Best...
Sun26Jun at 6:54 pm
ERNESTO wrote...
muy bueno



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