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» CamEfx

Summary: CamEfx is the photo app that symbian users has been waiting for. You can preview the special effects in real time before taking the picture! It

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2012-01-30
Found under: Applications, Photo, Video, Effects
Symbian CamEfx freeware

» CamEfx Description

CamEfx is the photo app that symbian users has been waiting for. You can preview the special effects in real time before taking the picture!

It covers everything to make taking pictures fun: just start the app, select a filter, preview the filter effect in real time, take a snapshot and share it with your friends on facebook, twitter or MMS.

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the CamEfx for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon30Jan at 8:38 am
aman wrote...
Tue7Feb at 12:12 pm
muruganandam wrote...
its very good
Wed8Feb at 4:08 pm
naser2008 wrote...
Thank you
Wed8Feb at 4:15 pm
naser2008 wrote...
Its very good
Thu9Feb at 1:08 pm
trill wrote...
it works well
Sat11Feb at 7:31 pm
Jithesh wrote...
It's not avilable on my device (e63)
Mon13Feb at 1:23 am
maan saab wrote...
not available on ma dvice(s60.)
Sat18Feb at 2:24 pm
abdalla wrote...
show me
Fri2Mar at 8:26 am
baba wrote...
it does not work on nokia e 5
Sun4Mar at 11:00 pm
Ishant sengar wrote...
It is gooood
Sat17Mar at 1:03 am
Reehalkhan wrote...
Its good
Sat17Mar at 1:04 am
Reehalkhan wrote...
Its good
Sat17Mar at 1:04 am
Reehalkhan wrote...
Its good
Sat17Mar at 1:04 am
Reehalkhan wrote...
Its good
Mon23Jul at 8:25 pm
Naomi wrote...
I need help! I can't install Nokia Software Updater cause it keeps sanyig min. memory to run is 256MB and then it forces you to close the windows down. I have like 1GB of memory so it can't be that. Do you really need NSU to make this work? Seems to me that after you change the product code, thats it, you're done. You just need NSU to check to see that it worked? Cause I can get NSS to work but Both Europen and USA versions of NSU don't want to install. PLEASE HELP!
Mon13Aug at 10:43 am
Michael wrote...
We think this was the wrong move from NOKIA to go with Microsoft. NOKIA should have cinuonted to develop and improve on maemo and also work on further N900 development. The partnership with MS will for sure donb4t make NOKIA as innovative company better or even richer.NOKIA has show that as company it can give some of the best handsets like latest N8 followed by the slightly crippled E7 and not to forget the biggest and best gear, the N900. But in those days it seems that all just counts on getting first out beside the profit after all. There is no more count for connecting people , no more humanity behind the idea We could write more and more about this, but finally itb4s just our humble opinion about todayb4s strategy and acting of the big players in the world.Last word: All the best wishes to NOKIA.
Tue18Dec at 1:27 pm
Abdulmanan wrote...
Very good



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