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» CellBoard Bulgarian

Summary: A virtual keyboard for Symbian OS Series 60 based devices. This application is designed to simplify and speed up the text typing process.

Arrived: 2004-07-11
Found under: cellboard, bulgarian
Symbian CellBoard Bulgarian freeware

» CellBoard Bulgarian Description

Layout: (the program is available in with different layouts see ) A virtual keyboard for Symbian OS Seies 60 based devices. This application is designed to simplify and speed up the text typing process. The flexible compact interface and the stay-on-top logic integrates simply in your working process, taking control only over the text manipulation. By supporting of various language-specific layouts CellBoard covers other common tasks such as cyrillization. Features: * Compact design. * No more than 3 key presses per letter necessary . * Customizable screen position. * Intuitive automatic layout modification. * Automatic save of the layout changes. * Multiple layout support. * Language specific layers sets.

the CellBoard Bulgarian for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun21Oct at 7:23 am
Teresa wrote...
i couldnt even watch more than half of it as it was so oboivus that the person making the video was trying hard to make it look even worse than it is. i agree the screen rotation could be faster, but the goof in the video was not even turning the screen the full 90 degrees. if the phone was set up to rotate the screen at less than 90 degrees it would be flipping back and forth all the time. then watching the moron try to scroll thru web pages i couldnt tell if he was just stupid or ignorant, but the n97 has a resistive screen so it works different than a capacitive one. he was using the flat part of his finger, the same way you would with an iphone instead of his finger tip or finger nail. the results would have been much better if he had actually done it correctly.thanks for the news flash that the n97 is weak. next time you spend the time and effort to make a video you should do be fair fanboy. all device manufacturers show simulations, even apple. thats why apple had ads pulled because it was showing unrealistic performance.



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