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» Chat Slang

Summary: Chat Slang for Symbian s60 5th edition lists all abbreviations commonly used in SMS and chats.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-10-04
Found under: text, sms, chat, slang, language, s60, 5th
Symbian Chat Slang freeware

» Chat Slang Description

Chat Slang for Symbian s60 5th edition is a program that lists all the abbreviations commonly used in SMS. All is classified into 6 sub menus. If an abbreviation is not listed, do not panic - you have the option to add it. The complete interface is Flash, and it is very successful application. It has the coolest graphics and topics as Business slang, Online jargon, Popular stuff, Harsh stuff, Text lingo and Every parent should know :)

the Chat Slang for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun10Oct at 11:04 am
ashish wrote...
let me download 1st..
Wed13Oct at 1:39 pm
cutebunmie wrote...
Fri29Oct at 7:04 am
isdiane wrote...
cool cool
Sat30Oct at 5:59 pm
arturo wrote...
Sun5Dec at 8:59 am
farim wrote...
Fri10Dec at 12:55 am
adelana tobi wrote...
i want to download
Sun2Jan at 4:52 pm
cotejito wrote...
hola que tal?
Tue26Apr at 3:04 pm
Israr wrote...
Sat30Apr at 2:35 am
werapon wrote...
Wed4May at 6:43 am
Sreekanth wrote...
Nice one
Thu12May at 2:08 am
james wrote...
Mon1Aug at 12:17 pm
ahmed_mifta wrote...
Mon1Aug at 12:27 pm
ahmed_mifta wrote...
Mon15Aug at 10:34 pm
rishan wrote...
its very nice
Mon26Sep at 10:31 pm
Sunikumar wrote...
Sat22Oct at 3:35 pm
brey wrote...
what the fuck
Sun23Oct at 8:51 pm
meeberibari wrote...
Wed4Jan at 11:20 pm
Kapil wrote...
Chat slang
Fri27Jan at 1:59 am
khurranshad wrote...
kia nokia may jo chat hai jo free face talk chat hota hai net may use ho sakta hai compiutr may
Sun29Apr at 2:44 pm
Cherechi Josephine wrote...
Free mind
Mon1Oct at 9:20 pm
Auth wrote...
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