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» Data Quota

Summary: Data Quota v1.28 is a small app that measures the amount of GPRS and/or 3G (not WiFi) packet data that your mobile has used for a billing period.

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-04-29
Found under: measure, packet, data, internet, billing, s60, 3rd, 5th
Symbian Data Quota freeware

» Data Quota Description

Data Quota v1.28 is a small app for Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition mobile phones that helps you to follow your packed data usage. You can set the billing date and the data usage will be reset at the start of the new billing period. The quota allowed can also be configured in Megabytes. The application shows you the data sent, data received and the total data used in the billing cycle.
Its a Must Have App for mobile internet subscribers who have limited data plans or plans charged on per-Megabyte usage.

the Data Quota for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun2May at 11:36 am
satya wrote...
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Sun2May at 12:53 pm
Admj wrote...
Fri7May at 10:24 am
dinesh sharma wrote...
all softare are trusted and best working. This is best site.
Sat22May at 10:44 pm
sumit wrote...
its ok
Tue22Jun at 11:21 am
ssnair wrote...
Check out the app here.
Fri5Nov at 10:44 am
arimbagus wrote...
Sun7Nov at 4:52 am
Zoffix Znet wrote...
This app seems to measure wi-fi data along with other data on my phone (Nokia C6)
Fri11Nov at 8:03 am
biren wrote...
i will try.
Sun17Jun at 12:18 pm
amazigh wrote...
alireza می‌گه app yek az app haye top hast ama benazare man hanuz nim buzz btehare ama in app ham vizhegihaye khodesho dare ke nim buzz nadare .tnx[]
Mon13Aug at 10:12 pm
Patris wrote...
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