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» DEdit Text editor

Summary: DEdit allows you to edit multiple files and move between opened windows with handset Menu button.

Any Nokia Series 60 smartphones with Symbian 6.0 8.0, 9.x operating systems

Arrived: 2009-06-11
Found under: text, editor, file manager, S60
Symbian DEdit Text editor freeware

» DEdit Text editor Description

DEdit is the first true multitasking application on Symbian.

DEdit allows you to edit multiple files and move between opened windows with handset Menu button.
Now it has been updated to version 0.76 R11.
* [!] Hotkeys work again
* [+] Search in History
Dedit is a powerful editor, FREEWARE! able to open very large files (more than even a few megabytes, it's great!) and modify them by phone ...
* Remember the last files opened and edited
* Remember the location of the cursor
* Find and Replace Function!
* Ascii or Unicode, depending on the needs
* Has integrated a small file manager in order to easily save files


* Integrated simple file manager, which helps you to open and save files
* Lots of hotkeys, designed for using with one hand
* Advanced selection and movement operations
* Support of multiple encodings, including system encoding plugins (.cpl)
* Search and replace in text, with history of user searches.
* History of 20 last open files
* Remember last position of edited documents
* Remember user defined text positions (Bookmarks)
* Show one-based string and symbol position of cursor

and many other...

DEdit hotkeys is a combination of two keys: first, press key the green "Dial" key and release it, then press the second key.

the DEdit Text editor for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun3Feb at 6:42 am
vivek parashar wrote...
this is a really cool software with loads of features and a nice interface.
Tue12May at 5:54 am
Remi wrote...
don't use it if your phone is not an english phone, my phone is french, d edit detected the language and turned into french language mode where the translation is not complete (a lot of missing stuffs) and the rest of the translation is not correct (like if it was done with an automatic translator). I couldn't find a way to turn it into english mode.
Sun23Aug at 4:43 pm
DanIEl wrote...
It's not working on my nokia 5800
Tue24Nov at 3:32 pm
Tomat15 wrote...
Thu10Dec at 3:40 pm
francesco wrote...
it is very nive, works wery well on e72, but it doesnt work on n97mini... :(
Mon30Aug at 10:34 pm
nornory wrote...
yes to yes
Sun23Jan at 7:07 pm
Jack wrote...
Nice piece of software, gonna test it straight away.
Fri11Mar at 7:11 am
Sasi Dhar wrote...
Going to try this now on my Nokia C5-00
Fri25Mar at 9:32 am
crow wrote...
is very go"d.
Sat7May at 2:59 pm
AFAQ AKHTAR wrote...
dedit is Gr8 but i have new one download it here:Stylish Text Editor 2011 like windows 7/vista download here:
Mon9May at 3:07 pm
fghhfyh wrote...
not tried yet
Fri19Aug at 6:15 pm
oladapo wrote...
nice application
Fri2Sep at 11:06 am
arief wrote...
Fri7Oct at 1:01 am
Aniram wrote...
Insiamthiam hle mai a.
Fri19Oct at 10:50 am
Lakiesha wrote...
Clear, inofrmative, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?



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