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» Dictionary & Translation Pro

Summary: See your mobile and open the link in the text message.

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2012-05-07
Found under: Applications, Reference
Symbian Dictionary & Translation Pro freeware

» Dictionary & Translation Pro Description

See your mobile and open the link in the text message.

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the Dictionary & Translation Pro for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue8May at 6:32 am
sopheak wrote...
good 4 my n79
Tue8May at 5:01 pm
chrae wrote...
Sounds amazing!
Sat12May at 3:46 am
Arthur wrote...
Thu24May at 3:23 am
Raad wrote...
Tue29May at 5:35 am
Comfort wrote...
Sat2Jun at 3:21 pm
ahsan wrote...
this is good
Mon4Jun at 12:19 am
boss wrote...
not so much good no so much bad
Mon4Jun at 4:01 am
Adnanaadilnhm wrote...
Mon11Jun at 1:38 am
Ge Noguera wrote...
very good apps.
Fri15Jun at 6:47 am
Nair wrote...
Actually, broadening/improving one's luggaane skills is a very broad concept, it can be done in more than one ways at the same time which is highly recommended. One can NOT become better ONLY in one area e.g. writing, one MUST improve skills in ALL dimensions of the luggaane!Learning luggaane well requires being as active as possible and making the learning as FUN for oneself as possible. Taking lessons is always important, but equally important are these:1) Listen/watch: Listen to internet radio stations like BBC, watch TV shows in English (use only subtitles, NOT voice dubbing!), etc.2) Write/communicate: Try to find discussion forums from the web about things that you find interesting (music/various artists, hobbies, etc.) and start communicating there with other people using English. Start using instant messaging systems in case you find some new friends or start emailing them.3) Buy yourself a proper dictionary, and each time when you see a strange word that you do not understand, look it up. Putting words into their context is one of the best ways to broaden one's vocabulary, the more you read and write the better. Memorising is NOT the best way to go with learning vocabulary or any other luggaane areas!The main point in ANY luggaane learning is to make it as fun as possible for yourself. Try to find topics that INTEREST you, read online newspapers (Times, Guardian, Independent ), listen to BBC/NBC and other radio stations online, if you find a discussion forum for e.g. your favourite hobby or your idols in music do participate there, etc. The key word here is CONTEXT, which means that it is easier to learn new words and their usage as well as grammar when you use/see them in their real CONTEXT.I'm sorry there is no easy way out with this, one really must develop luggaane skills in ALL these luggaane levels or dimensions in order to reach better luggaane skills!! Last but not least: NEVER EVER use ANY online translators, they are nothing but utter rubbish!! English is practically EVERYWHERE in the online world these days, you just have to use your imagination to find it! Learning pace is always personal, it takes the time it takes so there is no reason to hurry it up too much. If you do, you will not learn so well.Good luck!
Fri9Nov at 11:45 pm
alireza wrote...
Hi friends
Tue20Nov at 11:30 am
john otoyo wrote...
this is a good application
Sat5Jan at 11:40 pm
firoz wrote...



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