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» easymail

Summary: The most easy way to send Emails from your mobile. No need for registration or difficult settings. The only thing you need is your own Email and the Email of the receiver.

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Arrived: 2007-10-11
Found under: easymail,
Symbian easymail freeware

» easymail Description

The most easy way to send Emails. Forget difficult SMTP and POP settings. All you need is internet access on your mobile. Features:
  • Simple setup
  • Remembers last 10 recipients, subjects, and body texts.
  • Attach photos or drawings with

the easymail for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed17Oct at 11:14 am
ramesh wrote...
Thu8Nov at 6:15 am
fahri jantangguh wrote...
no command
Fri9Nov at 11:40 am
andri wrote...
oks banget bok
Mon19Nov at 5:25 am
Casmadi wrote...
the best qualitr
Fri14Dec at 12:10 pm
kiki wrote...
Tue18Dec at 12:17 pm
supper roland wrote...
i just like the freeware
Tue18Dec at 12:17 pm
supper roland wrote...
i just like the freeware
Wed9Jan at 6:06 pm
hidayat wrote...
good tools!!!
Mon28Jan at 4:14 am
Clone wrote...
Great job!
Thu14Feb at 1:50 am
Shyam g matang wrote...
Mon3Mar at 6:15 am
Nuno wrote...
Sun6Jul at 11:13 am
Very nice, Thankyou sir.
Sun6Jul at 11:22 am
Jimmy wrote...
Very good, thanks
Sun5Oct at 1:09 pm
exinco wrote...
how it operation? i mean if i don't have credit balance in my phone, can i send the email
Wed12Nov at 6:27 am
Asghar Khan wrote...
I Must need that software!
Sun1Mar at 7:26 am
kiran wrote...
i need this software can i get tht file to my nokia3230
Mon20Apr at 6:30 am
Mefi Mansnandifu wrote...
This freeware is good, cause it can help me to send or reveive email from my friend but i complain about the process to download,because it rather to difficult, you will imitate the operamini' ways to download..O.k.Keep moving,GBu all
Tue29Sep at 9:35 am
Malik shabbir hussain wrote...
this is good
Sat28Jul at 6:10 am
Mohammed hanif noorani wrote...
Lam m. Hanif n. From mumbra-kausa
Wed12Dec at 3:45 am
sanjm wrote...



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