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» FileExplorer 1.15 (Italian version)

Summary: FileExplorer lets you manipulate the files of your Nokia 7650, it includes other usefull utilities, screenshot features, op-logo manager ...

Arrived: 2005-05-02
Found under: fileexplorer, 115, italian, version
Symbian FileExplorer 1.15 (Italian version) freeware

» FileExplorer 1.15 (Italian version) Description

FileExplorer is a free browser for the Nokia 7650, it allows you to manipulate any files, you can use the cut/copy/paste functions thru the directories, you can also send files via bluetooth or infrared, mms. you can open the files directly, Other usefull functions are also available such as making or removing directories, keep the light always on, perform screenshot, restart the phone, find the files, view IMEI and firmware version, view network, edit a file, set a file as operator-logo ... and more coming soon !!!! Also available in german, finnish, italian, czech, slovak on request.

the FileExplorer 1.15 (Italian version) for Symbian OS

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Thu26Jul at 2:16 am
genti wrote...
you are sow greate
Sat28Jul at 6:11 am
toti wrote...
FileExplorer 1.15 (Italian version) free for Symbian OS
Mon5Nov at 10:48 am
maik wrote...
Thu3Apr at 1:16 am
uyduiduuy wrote...
Sun6Jul at 8:21 am
perinti wrote...
Sun6Jul at 8:54 am
pdghnti wrote...
di budda



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