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» Fly Screen

Summary: Flyscreen for Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition adds your favorite web services to your phone's sleep screen.

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-06-28
Found under: screen, home, widget, weather, rss, feed, s60, 3rd, 5th
Symbian Fly Screen freeware

» Fly Screen Description

Put your favorite web services on your phone's sleep screen, enabling zero-click access to the content you use most! It is FlyScreen!

* Extremely customizable
* Fewer clicks
* Less data usage

FlyScreen is really fast. It's the fastest way to get your mobile info on the go. Flyscreen is an application that lets you add your favorite web services (in widget form) to your phone's sleep screen, enabling zero-click access to the content you use most. FlyScreen is highly customizable, cuts out a lot of unnecessary clicking, loading and waiting, and supports a broad range of web services, social networks, and RSS feeds.

the Fly Screen for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon28Jun at 9:55 am
User wrote...
Does not work after install - error -1
Mon28Jun at 3:31 pm
Jyaa wrote...
It was tested on Nokia 5800 XM Symbian s60 5th edition - works perfect. What device do you have, User?
Mon28Jun at 11:43 pm
Santosh.Hadade wrote...
Very good
Tue29Jun at 6:05 am
cosimo wrote...
i think this will be a killer app! The ui is very nice and the basis idea also. I would use after making the slider bigger, introducing of social and the enhanching the fact of not showing up on key press but just after unlock(like the best screenlocker app)! I hope developer read this: the app has a future!!
Tue29Jun at 12:09 pm
patil santosh wrote...
so exlence i like it
Tue29Jun at 9:15 pm
tuan wrote...
i can't use this app in nokia E63, this app is not support E63? Help
Wed30Jun at 3:20 pm
Garreth wrote...
great app, but can't configure widgets on 3rd Edition (Nokia 6710).
Thu1Jul at 9:17 pm
Toyib wrote...
Mon5Jul at 5:22 am
jehir wrote...
its good .........
Sat24Jul at 5:16 am
nigga wrote...
it won't even launch on nokia n95 8gb
Sun19Jun at 7:36 am
mahesh wrote...
not able to download
Sun22Jan at 1:00 am
Vikramranjan wrote...
Sun22Jan at 1:14 pm
Idntknowmynamehell wrote...
Khul ja sim sim
Sat7Apr at 1:20 pm
thami wrote...
not too shabby
Wed6Jun at 11:53 am
Selindria wrote...
well in my own opinion my next phone would be eihetr the Nokia N900, it's big, touchscreen, and has a slidable keyboard, and the screen resolution is GOOD, and I heard it's faster. The only disadvantage for some people is it's big size. Another phone which I'd like to get and would recommend everyone is the HTC HD2, same as the N900 huuuge HD screen, and quite fast, so I like that.If you want a phone which is really really simple to use then no duh get the iphone butnot worth the price



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