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» Flying Expense Tracker Lite. (freeware)

Summary: Track and schedule all your personal and business Expenses, Incomes and more

Symbian UIQ 3.0 or higher

Arrived: 2008-03-18
Found under: flying, expense, tracker, lite, freeware, uiq
Symbian Flying Expense Tracker Lite. (freeware) freeware

» Flying Expense Tracker Lite. (freeware) Description

Flying Expense Tracker for UIQ 3.x is your FREE personal money manager. You will see your account balances, transactions, register at a glance. This freeware application - Flying Expense Tracker helps you in tracking your personal expenses, deposits, transfers and other transactions.

Main Features

  • Fast and Convenient Data Entry/span>
  • View accounts' registers
  • Unlimited Number of Accounts
  • Multiple Account Types e.g. Checking, Saving, Cash etc
  • Account balances at a glance
  • Customizable Categories, Expense and Incomes Types, Payment Types and Currencies.
  • Back-up and Restore financial data

the Flying Expense Tracker Lite. (freeware) for Symbian OS

» Comments

Thu27Mar at 9:09 pm
mounmoun wrote...
good to me
Fri28Mar at 4:23 am
Anil wrote...
Let me try it
Sat29Mar at 12:44 am
brainial wrote...
Fine software
Sat29Mar at 4:23 pm
Pippo wrote...
Let me try
Mon7Apr at 2:17 pm
Stange wrote...
i will try it
Wed9Apr at 7:10 am
Vishnu wrote...
Ill try it
Fri11Apr at 4:09 am
Kuring wrote...
Sun13Apr at 7:03 am
Guruora wrote...
Let me try it
Sat19Apr at 4:02 am
earlyfox wrote...
i'll try it
Sun20Apr at 8:48 pm
Timmy wrote...
I'll check it out
Tue22Apr at 7:23 am
sanjay wrote...
hi hi
Wed23Apr at 8:31 pm
Jasi wrote...
Thu24Apr at 1:50 pm
Tanveer wrote...
very nice
Wed30Apr at 8:19 am
tomtom wrote...
yes please
Fri2May at 12:58 pm
Mamay wrote...
It's Gonna be Wonderfull to have control business activity
Wed11Jun at 7:56 am
Ajay Singh wrote...
this is very useful product to track our expenses
Tue17Jun at 11:56 am
achie wrote...
lets me try it now..
Fri27Jun at 6:01 am
ratam wrote...
Fri11Jul at 11:29 pm
farruk wrote...
its nice
Sun20Jul at 1:02 am
Dion wrote...
looks good
Sat30Aug at 3:08 am
Sherif Shaheen wrote...
Sat6Sep at 6:08 pm
Amr Zaki wrote...
Yes it is very poweful product
Fri26Sep at 5:42 am
warren Gibbs wrote...
ill try it!
Sat29Nov at 8:32 am
zam72 wrote...
after the 3rd day it tells you to register the software. what a rip off...
Mon2Mar at 2:24 am
amit wrote...
amazing software ... & very useful
Fri27Mar at 7:16 am
PSC2009 wrote...
Ain't worth. I cannot set a total amount greater than 99. In addition, the app is NOT free. Spb Finance (for WM 6) is by far the best choice, although is not freeware (it's the best expense app money can buy).
Sat1Aug at 2:24 pm
Hussain wrote...
Mon8Aug at 8:54 am
Madan wrote...
Sounds good



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