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» FREE: PicPuzzLite V2.11, incl. World-of-Fame

Summary: FREE, because of our success with PhotoEnhancer, PhotoPlus and PhotoProfessional. Puzzle by numbers, letters or pictures. From easy to medium level. Available sizes: 4x4 and 5x5.

Arrived: 2004-04-22
Found under: free, picpuzzlite, v211, incl, world-of-fame
Symbian FREE: PicPuzzLite V2.11, incl. World-of-Fame freeware

» FREE: PicPuzzLite V2.11, incl. World-of-Fame Description


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For more information, please visit Nicevalley or Gamevalley
Informationen in Deutsch finden Sie hier: Nicevalley oder hier: Gamevalley


Thank you for purchasing PhotoEnhancer and for giving us feedback and ideas. Because of this success, PicPuzzLite is for FREE. Download it, install it and try to be the fastest on Earth. NEW: PicPuzz is available in 3 Versions: PicPuzzLite, PicPuzz (standard), PicPuzzPro. NEW: Hall of Fame. Is your friend or your girl-friend faster than you? Can you improve yourself? (all Versions). NEW: SpeedPuzz and World of Fame. Or would you even like to be the best in world? For this SpeedPuzz exists! All players can measure them worldwide. Who solves the new game fastest and with lowest moves? Are you the fastest? (all Versions). NEW: PicPuzzLite for players not wanting picture import but qualifying for world-of-fame.
NEW: Each PicPuzz version as a hall of fame. Is your friend or your girl-friend faster than you? Can you improve yourself? Or would you even like to be the best in world? For this SpeedPuzz exists! By purchasing SpeedPuzz you can qualify for the fastest on world. Send us any record by e-mail. We will put your SpeedPuzz-Record to the internet. Please check for the current records here.

SpeedPuzz in Detail:

When you solve the game in a personal record a dialog appears and you have the possibility to enter your player name (may be a phantasy name) and check the box when you want to qualify for the list in world-of fame.
When checked the box, another dialog will prompt for the e-mail account from which you want to send the record.
The third dialog confirms then, that the record is in outbox. After one or more records you should SEND them, otherwise we can't add your records. This can be done with the standard mail application.
Please take notice that the record is not immediately available on internet after sending it.
Please check your record LATER here.

Additional new features (for PicPuzzPro only):

NEW: Optimizing Brightness and contrast directy when importing pictures (Pro only). NEW: Quality warning when selecting a a too small section (Pro only). NEW: PhotoEnhancer: Free selecting sections of the pictures (as a small photo editing application in order to be able to adapt Brightness and Contrast) (only Pro or as a standalone product). NEW: You can select from more puzzle frames and plates (Pro only). NEW: New puzzle sizes, total quadratic 4x4 and 5x5, normal playing 4x5, 4x7, 5x6 and 5x7, as well as cross played 6x5, 7x4, 7x5 (depending on version). NEW: Mode for left- and righthanded people (cross played rotated to the left or right) (Pro only). NEW: Sound selectable for game end and for a new personal record (Pro only).


PicPuzzLite is a variant of a well known puzzle. Only one field is free. The puzzle can be solved by moving the pieces. Sometimes to solve images without numbers is not so easy.
But how to solve such a puzzle? This way!.
PicPuzzLite contains the lanuages english, german and entirely in pure Swiss german (only spoken, seldom written).

Unique features!:


PicPuzzLite contains not only the size 4x4, but 5x5 too.
Hint mode:

Sometimes it's very hard to solve a puzzle. The function "Hint" will show numbers to the picture. Animation
Ordering categories:

Every imported picture will be saved and can be ordered in categories. Animation
Expert hints:

PicPuzzLite has in all mentioned languages a complete help file - even some expert hints.

the FREE: PicPuzzLite V2.11, incl. World-of-Fame for Symbian OS

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Fri7Dec at 11:34 pm
Khaled wrote...
Very good keep on uploading
Sun20Jul at 11:36 pm
amneetkant wrote...
very good



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