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» FreeAir

Summary: FreeAir is a very usefull program for your phone with built-in wlan (wifi).

Symbian s60 3th edition

Arrived: 2009-08-19
Found under: utilities, application, wifi, network, s60
Symbian FreeAir freeware

» FreeAir Description

FreeAir v1.3 - Often you need to find an unsecured wlan for fast internet connection and many programs dont really help you because they alert you every time any new wlan appears. Thats the moment when FreeAir can help you. You start searching "FreeAir" and it will alert you only when an unsecured/open wlan appears.
You even can adjust FreeAir to you. Do you need to be really precise or want to save your battery charge? Adjust the time interval between the searches as you want it or adjust none and take the default. Or personalize your alert sound. Just replace C:\FreeAir\alert.wav with any sound you want.

the FreeAir for Symbian OS

» Comments

Fri28Aug at 9:25 am
baah bennet wrote...
i like it
Mon31Aug at 4:00 am
johan wrote...
very good
Mon31Aug at 6:39 pm
Tom Yamamoto wrote...
I will let you know.
Thu17Sep at 4:49 pm
hokch wrote...
Wed23Sep at 12:00 am
bob benson wrote...
your down load links are terrible. . . Please please please make them real downloads. . . It really sucks to click on a download and go to a web page that does not even mention the program your trying to download
Sun18Oct at 10:35 am
shakeb wrote...
such a good exp.
Sun11Apr at 5:19 pm
eveiiz wrote...
Wed1Sep at 8:47 pm
abood wrote...
thank you
Thu2Sep at 10:07 am
kun géza wrote...
thank yee
Tue7Dec at 9:56 am
Fiza_s8 wrote...
Wed22Dec at 12:44 am
Moiz wrote...
Its very good
Fri7Jan at 9:13 pm
moiz wrote...
Fri29Apr at 2:07 pm
hicham wrote...
Sat10Sep at 3:13 pm
Yimaju wrote...
I like it
Thu12Jan at 9:12 pm
janice c. magno wrote...
download to my phone n97 wlan wizard
Tue24Jan at 5:16 pm
Adanigbo wrote...
Tue20Mar at 12:48 pm
bildozer wrote...
very good
Sat2Jun at 3:48 am
Saddamcox wrote...
Fri13Jul at 12:00 am
Vishal wrote...
Mon16Jul at 3:30 am
Arman wrote...
Sun5Aug at 1:00 am
cay amistad wrote...
please send this to my mobile nokia n8.
Wed15Aug at 11:44 pm
Beer wrote...
This should be a dnlawood link for the audio extracted from this / RAktWNow as for where this tune came from I really don't know but I think it makes the best ringtone in the world. Very pleasant to hear, yet conveys the urgency to pick up the phone. I have tried 3 sound matching services on it and still have turned up no results so I think Nokia should make this the new Default ringtone.
Tue2Oct at 9:41 am
billy wrote...
let's we try if this software is work on n73 music edition
Sun16Dec at 2:07 pm
Zakir ullah wrote...
Not good very bad



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