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» FreeTileZ for UIQ 3.X

Summary: FreeTileZ is a little game done with in which you may align at least 3 smilies


Motorola RIZR Z8, Sony Ericsson M600i, Sony Ericsson P1, Sony Ericsson P990, Sony Ericsson W950i

Arrived: 2008-01-29
Found under: freetilez, uiq,
Symbian FreeTileZ for UIQ 3.X freeware

» FreeTileZ for UIQ 3.X Description

Game done with

Game purpose:
You have to put tiles of 3 smilies on a 7x7 board.
If you make a vertical or/and horizontal (and even a diagonal -see Options-) row of at least 3 same smilies, they disappear and arise the score, depending on how many left the board and on the current level.
You can play in ''Normal'' mode or ''Chrono'' mode (40 seconds to make a row).
There are five difficulty levels. The difficulty arises while playing.

It was tested on P1i, but it should work on all UIQ 3.x devices with a screen size minimum of 200x230, developped in C++.

Important note:
Capability for Remote service is asked at installation only for scores synchronisation function which is not required. So since symbian certification is too expensive and heavy for a free game, I certify to you, user, that this game is not a spyware, that no personal information is sent over the internet, only scores if you ask it.

Changes log:
Version 1.9 (20/1/2008):
First published version.

the FreeTileZ for UIQ 3.X for Symbian OS

» Comments

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Agnieszka wrote...
Tue19Feb at 6:46 am
reza wrote...
Sun4May at 9:59 am
faisol wrote...
FreeTileZ for UIQ 3.X
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dalang wrote...
Sat31May at 7:46 am
dave wrote...
Sun16Nov at 10:36 am
xrss wrote...
Sun30May at 2:57 am
Jindra Novotny wrote...
very good



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