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» fring for UIQ - free mobile voip - Talk & Chat for Free to Skype, GTalk, MSN & fring contacts

Summary: Use your handset to talk and chat for free, connect to Skype, Google Talk & MSN contacts from anywhere.

1.0, 250k
Sony Ericsson P990

Arrived: 2007-07-09
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Symbian fring  for UIQ - free mobile voip - Talk & Chat for Free to Skype, GTalk, MSN & fring contacts freeware

» fring for UIQ - free mobile voip - Talk & Chat for Free to Skype, GTalk, MSN & fring contacts Description

Talk and chat for free with fring mobile voip,

connect to Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Twitter & SIP contacts from anywhere.

fring is a revolutionary mobile application that allows you to talk and chat via your handset’s Internet connection (GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi) to other fring users and PC-based VoIP applications such as Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger & SIP, leveraging your 3G data-plan or Wi-Fi hot-spot connection instead of costly airtime minutes. fring is also enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence) so you can see who is available before dialing.
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Why use fring?

  • gain true mobility with your Skype, MSN, Google Talk & Twitter contacts on your mobile you'll stay connected wherever you go
  • save money! using mVoIP for local or international calls, rather than costly airtime minutes, and free chat rather than SMS
  • presence status for all of your contacts and know who's online before dialing!
  • make cheap calls to landlines & regular cellular contacts using your SkypeOut account or SIP provider.
  • pay us nothing! you will NOT receive an invoice from us!
Leveraging the power and freedom of the Internet from your phone, fring empowers users to communicate without operator, network or physical boundaries.

All your IM contacts, in one, complete service

Carry your PC contacts with you, wherever you go!

Combining all of your Skype, Google Talk, MSN Messenger & Twitter contacts into one mobile service, fring’s chat feature enables you to become truly mobile.

Why SMS when you can chat?

Unlike the lag time accompanying SMS text messaging, fring’s chat feature means you can view entire chat conversations in real-time on your handset.

Also, you’ll reduce the high accumulated costs of SMS.


View your contacts’ presence statuses. See who’s online, who’s offline, who’s on a call, who’s away and who’s busy.

Simple to Use

To talk, simply pick a contact & hit the green button. To chat, choose a contact and click chat.

Can it be any easier?

Volume Control

Allows you to adjust the volume of a call during a conversation.

Save on long distance calls

Connect to landlines and save on local and long distance calls using your SkypeOut minutes or SIP. You may choose whichever SIP service you like, including the GizmoProject, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, Free World DialUp and others, and even use SIP on fring with otherwise non-SIP enabled devices.

Add your friends

Getting your friends on board is simple!

Just search for your friends in the fring directory, and if they do not yet have fring, fring will send them an SMS invitation to join. Within minutes, you can start saving on conversations with all your buddies.

  * All information including but not limited to data packages construct, prices and any other provided information are for illustration purpose only. fring does not guaranty the availability, accuracy or validity of any of the mobile service provider data packages construct, prices and or limitations. Subscribers are advised to contact their mobile service providers to attain up-to-date information on data packages offering and prices.  

the fring for UIQ - free mobile voip - Talk & Chat for Free to Skype, GTalk, MSN & fring contacts for Symbian OS

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