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» Front Camera

Summary: Front Camera is a simple application for taking still photos with the front camera - nothing more, nothing less. It does not support capturing video

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2012-06-20
Found under: Applications, Photo & video
Symbian Front Camera freeware

» Front Camera Description

Front Camera is a simple application for taking still photos with the front camera - nothing more, nothing less. It does not support capturing video or using the back camera. Due to hardware limitations the photos have limited quality and resolution. Harmattan PR1.2 or later is required for stable operation.

Tap on the shutter button or the viewfinder to take a photo. The photos are stored in the default photo location. Tap on the gallery button or the information banner to open the Gallery.

the Front Camera for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed20Jun at 9:47 am
pradeep wrote...
best way
Wed20Jun at 9:56 pm
lavan kumar wrote...
this is very good app
Thu21Jun at 1:25 pm
luis Garcia wrote...
esperamos que funcione
Fri22Jun at 11:33 am
fakhrul wrote...
i am a student
Fri22Jun at 11:34 am
fakhrul wrote...
i am a student
Sat23Jun at 4:48 pm
habee wrote...
i am student
Mon25Jun at 11:37 am
kaunain wrote...
i am a student!
Tue26Jun at 8:21 pm
tasawar wrote...
Wed27Jun at 2:58 pm
Monojboruah wrote...
I like this.i take this software
Wed27Jun at 3:07 pm
hussen wrote...
x-ray scanner
Thu28Jun at 11:16 am
farid wrote...
Thu28Jun at 11:44 am
collreydav wrote...
itz interesting.i like it
Thu28Jun at 10:16 pm
meokhone wrote...
Thu28Jun at 11:19 pm
hari wrote...
Fri29Jun at 2:48 pm
ch arqam wrote...
Sun1Jul at 2:56 pm
cadnaan wrote...
Sun1Jul at 11:26 pm
mahbub wrote...
Fri6Jul at 8:36 am
M. Ram Kumar wrote...
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Mon16Jul at 4:13 am
Mykzkie wrote...
Thu19Jul at 12:02 pm
amol wrote...
Thu26Jul at 6:24 pm
yasar wrote...
Front Camera
Fri27Jul at 11:03 pm
nguyentrongbac wrote...
i like
Tue31Jul at 12:15 am
Emeka wrote...
Fri3Aug at 1:07 pm
ramsibhai wrote...
Fri10Aug at 4:20 am
prejin wrote...
Mon13Aug at 4:36 pm
anshad wrote...
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Wed15Aug at 7:53 am
Lijo wrote...
great good
Thu16Aug at 11:22 pm
clayment wrote...
to hear music
Fri17Aug at 1:22 am
vetri wrote...
Mon20Aug at 10:48 am
brown wrote...
just keep on the good work
Sun26Aug at 10:43 am
Gianella wrote...
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jacob ebije wrote...
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Sun9Sep at 2:05 am
raj sharma wrote...
Sun9Sep at 2:55 am
raja wrote...
very nice.
Fri14Sep at 6:02 am
Sabi wrote...
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Mon17Sep at 7:23 pm
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