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» Gig Finder

Summary: Gig Finder lets you search concerts and live music entertainment, purchase tickets directly from your mobile.

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-01-12
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Symbian Gig Finder freeware

» Gig Finder Description

Whether you need to know more about the international music stars, critical darlings, or upcoming buzzmakers, Gig Finder brings you smart recommendations and helps you find the information you need to obtain the best tickets for music events directly from your phone.

Gig Finder is a 5th edition application!

Key features include:

* Easy Search Quickly find where are the best concerts & other music events near your location. You can search by artist, genre, city, venue, specific date, date range or a combination of all this.
* Buy Tickets You can use the direct links to connect your mobile to various ticket vendors and conveniently find the best seats & prices!
* Smart Recommendations Find recommendations for all live events and venues based on your music tastes and location.
* Get Directions Find exactly where the event is and how to get there on the Maps.
* Start the Buzz Share the information you have about the gig with your friends on Facebook, with SMS or Email.

* Download Music You can preview or download music before or after seeing your favourite artists live with the direct events link to the official artist pages in Nokia Music Store / Ovi Music (when available in your country).

How to Search

1. Click the SEARCH icon
2. Type in your search criteria:
a) WHAT (Artist/ Genre): Note that only artists currently playing in US, Canada, UK, & Ireland will appear. Leave blank if you want to see more results from Where (City/ Venue) search.
b) WHERE (City/ Venue): Type in the city or venue you want to see. Leave blank if you want to see more results of What (Artist/Genre) search.
c) WHEN (Date/ Dates): Slide the calendar to the date you want to search for. If you want to search a date range, touch the starting day then scroll to the ending day. Dates in a range will be highlighted. Leave blank if you want to see more resulsts for What and/or Where searches.

the Gig Finder for Symbian OS

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