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» GSpace Mobile

Summary: Easily transfer files in between your phone and your Gmail box. Add a network disk (6Gb or more) for your phone.

Symbian OS

Arrived: 2008-11-10
Found under: gmail, space, upload, share, storage
Symbian GSpace Mobile freeware

» GSpace Mobile Description

Easily transfer files in between your phone and your Gmail box Easily transfer files in between your phone and your Gmail box

This tool is just intended for transferring files in between your phone and your Gmail box. In other words, it can add extra storage space (a network disk) for your mobile phone by using your free Gmail box. You can use your Gmail box as a file system via GSpaceMobile. Local files in your phone can be uploaded into your Gmail box, and remote files in your Gmail box can be downloaded into your phone and cached somewhere (Actually, the caching location may be C:\Data\GSpaceMobi\\, or E:\GSpaceMobi\\, depending on your downloading configuration in this application).

This tool is compatible with a Firefox addin Gspace. With this addin, you can upload your favorite or private files (such as pdf ,mp3, etc) from a desktop environment and download and use them in a S60 mobile phone, and vice versa. Please see appendix A for how to get Firefox and the addin -- Gspace.

In a free version, you can upload or download files not more than 1MB in size, and can only use one Gmail account. If you use a licensed version, those limitations do not exist except for Gmail's limitation itself. You can add as many Gmail account as you want, so, the maximum capacity you can get is unlimited in theory.


It may cause network fees via some kinds of bearers, determined by your local network service provider. You should be aware of this in advance.

the GSpace Mobile for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue11Nov at 3:24 am
ahmed wrote...
i want to download this app. thanx so much
Tue11Nov at 3:39 pm
deepak wrote...
i want to download it for nokia N95.i think it is very usefull.
Tue11Nov at 8:31 pm
dr.badr wrote...
sir i want to download GSpace on my nokia n95.8gb Thanks
Wed12Nov at 4:25 am
furqan wrote...
it ia a verygood website
Wed12Nov at 1:46 pm
Boggy wrote...
Its great !
Wed12Nov at 8:48 pm
cokey wrote...
can't losd this...what to do??? please help. thank you
Sat15Nov at 1:41 am
mohan gurung wrote...
Sir/M , I want istalled this software in my n82 nokia device. Tganx
Thu20Nov at 11:53 am
vankaman wrote...
I want to loaded down. Please help!
Sun23Nov at 12:05 am
Nistin wrote...
Sir, I want to download this software to my mobile Sony Erricsson P990i. Please send me link for software. Nistin
Sun23Nov at 5:11 am
vicksay wrote...
hey, i want to install this soft for my Samsung G810 which is symbian OS S60 3rd ed. Please contact me =) Sorry for my english, i'm french ;) Thx^^
Sun28Dec at 9:47 pm
M7mad wrote...
very nice
Tue24Mar at 4:17 am
Mani wrote...
Thank u ,send download link
Wed9Feb at 12:33 pm
andre wrote...
can anyone tell me how to get the full version for free? Please send instructions to my e-mail... Thanks!!
Sat2Jul at 10:48 pm
Prem wrote...
Send me the link
Sun8Jan at 1:31 pm
Kathreen wrote...
Well done artclie that. I'll make sure to use it wisely.
Wed27Jun at 12:35 pm
Rudra wrote...



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