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» GTune

Summary: GTune is a Symbian devices Guitar tuner. Features: graphical guitar neck, noise level setting, tone generator....

Symbian OS s60

Arrived: 2007-05-14
Found under: Guitar, tuner, s60
Symbian GTune freeware

» GTune Description

GTune is a Symbian devices Guitar tuner.

graphical guitar neck, noise level setting, tone generator.

the GTune for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed16May at 9:41 am
tungorro wrote...
Tue22May at 7:47 am
Szymon Piechowicz wrote...
The attached download is intended for Series 60 0.9 - 1.2. For other versions and support go to
Sat2Jun at 7:48 am
trfrtrcet wrote...
yhyjhkjghv guybf uhyrug yeruftr ugvtrb yjertf ryf ru g tufr yfrugy f ufvty ugfr trdy sfg fj tdsg ft vy fr yd
Sun3Jun at 1:04 pm
lokman wrote...
bunu istiyorum
Thu21Jun at 1:31 am
Roland wrote...
Won't install on a Nokia N73
Thu21Jun at 11:32 am
rubel wrote...
This is a vary usefull software.
Wed1Aug at 6:13 pm
Fabiano wrote...
Sun2Sep at 8:23 am
samir wrote...
it is very good software
Wed5Dec at 11:58 pm
Rune Edvardsen wrote...
Fri7Dec at 5:14 am
james wrote...
Sun30Dec at 1:24 am
aaron wrote...
Wed16Jan at 8:21 pm
laurent wrote...
Tue22Jan at 9:51 pm
egonur wrote...
its a good software
Sat22Mar at 9:53 pm
Jadm wrote...
Sun23Mar at 3:36 am
fastrash wrote...
Tue1Apr at 11:26 am
Hammad Hanif wrote...
good one i guess
Thu3Apr at 5:13 pm
james roebuck wrote...
Can't download, But looks good
Tue22Jul at 3:05 pm
hannes wrote...
i want this
Sat27Dec at 12:30 am
micah wrote...
I want it NOW !!!
Thu6May at 4:39 pm
fbrg10 wrote...
Mon31May at 1:06 am
resh wrote...
Sat23Oct at 7:32 am
viru wrote...
Fri25Feb at 8:14 am
Jimmy wrote...
Thank you very much
Sun17Apr at 5:28 am
shayan wrote...
Sun17Apr at 5:30 am
shyan wrote...
Fri17Jun at 8:53 am
hansjorg wrote...
why is there a price tag on things listed free.
Sat12Nov at 8:57 am
Haulian phiamphu wrote...
It gud!
Mon14Nov at 2:07 pm
alok wrote...
Wed14Dec at 11:02 pm
Daljeet singh watcher wrote...
Very great application...for Musician,Guitar, violin and Tabla......I'm looking for this software from 1 years....By God grace I found it now....I'm so Many Many thanx full to Creator and publisher....once again So many many thanx for it.
Fri3Feb at 11:43 pm
guadalupe perez wrote...
Tue21Aug at 4:03 am
kathryn gibson wrote...
I like music.



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