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» Holy Upanishads

Summary: English translation of the Holy Upanishads. Requires Mobipocket Reader available from

Arrived: 2004-11-04
Found under: holy, upanishads
Symbian Holy Upanishads freeware

» Holy Upanishads Description

Holy Upanishads are a sacred text of Hinduism.
This is the english translation in Mobipocket Reader PRC format.
Mobipocket Reader is available for free download at
Steps for installing:
» Download Mobipocket reader.
» Install Mobipocket reader on your device.
» Copy the PRC file of the sacred text to your device.
Steps for reading the text:
» Start Mobipocket reader on your device.
» Open the PRC file in Mobipocket reader on your device.

The Upanishads are part of the Hindu Shruti scriptures which primarily discuss meditation and philosophy and are seen as religious instructions by most schools of Hinduism.

They also contain transcripts of various spiritual debates or discussions, and of the 123 books considered to be part of the Upanishads, 12 are accepted by all Hindus as primary.

The term Upanishad derives from the Sanskrit words upa (near), ni (down) and s(h)ad (to sit) i.e., sitting down near; implying the act of listening to a spiritual teacher. The Upanishads are commentaries on the Vedas, their putative end and essence, and thus known as Vedanta ("End of the Veda").

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the Holy Upanishads for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon13Aug at 6:17 am
Sourov wrote...
Thanks 4 providing these important scriptures
Sun28Dec at 10:16 am
ansar wrote...
thanks a lot
Sat31Jan at 7:11 pm
tanwar wrote...



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