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» Holy Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Atharva, Sama)

Summary: English translation of the Holy Vedas. Requires Mobipocket Reader available from

Arrived: 2004-11-08
Found under: holy, vedas, rig, yajur, atharva, sama
Symbian Holy Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Atharva, Sama) freeware

» Holy Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Atharva, Sama) Description

Holy Vedas are a sacred text of Hinduism.
This is the english translation in Mobipocket Reader PRC format.
Mobipocket Reader is available for free download at
Steps for installing:
» Download Mobipocket reader.
» Install Mobipocket reader on your device.
» Copy the PRC file of the sacred text to your device.
Steps for reading the text:
» Start Mobipocket reader on your device.
» Open the PRC file in Mobipocket reader on your device.

The Vedas are part of the Hindu Shruti; these religious scriptures form part of the core of the Brahminical and Vedic traditions within Hinduism and lay the inspirational, metaphysical and mythological foundation for later Vedanta, Yoga, Tantra and even Bhakti streams of Hinduism. In Sanskrit the word means Knowledge or Truth. Strictly the word 'ved' is singular, 'veda' is plural, but traditionally the word is given in English as 'veda' with the standard added 's' for plural. The four Vedas, chronologically, are the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda.

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the Holy Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Atharva, Sama) for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue6Feb at 9:23 am
rocky wrote...
wow... its good so that every one can read and be nearer to god
Sun16Sep at 8:55 pm
bhanu wrote...
nice site.
Fri23Nov at 5:09 am
saidisha wrote...
Fri2May at 8:16 am
SAURABH wrote...
Thu26Jun at 10:37 am
Chashma wrote...
I like it
Mon1Sep at 8:46 am
rana kamran azam wrote...
i want to know vedas
Thu20Aug at 1:55 am
rahul wrote...
Hi.. Thanks for this informative article. I really liked it. I also came across this similar site with nice articles and videos on vedic prinicples -
Thu9Sep at 7:16 am
abdul jabbar wrote...
assalamualaikkum...(peace be upon u ) first of all i thanks to this website owner for your gret work .. I motivated to study other scriptures (veda,bible )from quran which says "o people of the scriptures come to a word that is just between us and you, that we worship none but allha (true god , Allha is muslim's god nor arabs god).bear wittness that we are muslims‎"(3:64). So i here convey one message is that all shulod study other relegioues scriptures and spread a peace for a humanity ,and find out a true relegion. Follow the right path now then i call you to embrass islam. Even vedas talks about monothisem in various places ..for eg (yajur ch 32:3)
Mon13Sep at 10:26 pm
Simran Jeet Singh wrote...
hi i want to read all VEDAS can someone send me the link?
Thu21Oct at 1:21 pm
Sambhunath Tiadi wrote...
Still I am researching to know the truth of this materialistic earth. I could not find any man who can argue with me in a logistical manner about religious issue. But, I believe oneness of god, to whom we are calling as Almighty Bhagaban or Iswar in Hindi, Almighty god in English,All mighty Allah in Urdu or Arabic,which is invisible, unseen, and more over like e-power. I have read Geeta,Bible and Quran including other religious book like Grantha Sahib,Tripitaka and some others at a glance and found that God is one. Different religions have prescribed different procedures to follow. In my concept all the religions are human made, and the humans who have written the scripts of their religions, in any form, are also godly men and talented. We have to learn a lot from all the religions. Even we can also create a new religion also like the religion of "Din e Ilahi" created by Mogul empire "Akabar". So all the religions are human made. Might was right in the Law of the Jungle at the origin/inception of the materialistic earth and now still it is continuing in every religion people.Lack of moral and spiritual education have compelled all to run after money,positions and powers. Every where there is corruptions,robbery,rape,terror and unemployment problems. Hence, now is the time for reformation and also development of our economy. SARVE VAVANTU SUKHINAAM
Fri10Dec at 12:57 pm
sandeep wrote...
Mon13Dec at 11:36 pm
Gyanendra kumar wrote...
veda explain in the world
Thu27Jan at 2:27 pm
prabhakaran wrote...
I am a hindu.I really want to read.If anyone have sanskrit to tamil translation please send to me.It is amazing gift from our great god
Tue12Jul at 2:44 am
Rahman wrote...
Assalamolaikum dosto.i think 'God is one' of all religion.And God makes only one religion of truth.we should discus this tropic and acept the truth.which is d way of life.
Sat1Oct at 5:48 am
Roger D Shira wrote...
I want the Holy Book of Vedas complete versions
Sat25Feb at 6:06 am
SriMarCo wrote...
We are all here in earth to realise God. I believe we all worship the same God, the only fact is different names have been used in different cultures. There are many paths to God, as many as there are paths to the top of a mountain. It is our goal in life to find our path and at the end of that path join God in all the perfection and beauty that God truly is. I wish the best of luck to each and every person in the world in finding their own path and may we live peacefully and prosperously. God Bless
Tue3Apr at 5:36 am
K SASHEENDRAN * wrote...
Thou art the real goal of human life Where religion ends spiritulity begins Look all the scripture with ur heart then u can find out no need of change of religion Then u see Thou hast made me endeless such is Thy pleasure



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