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» Incallert 3.04

Summary: Software that makes in-call "minute beeps" and time reminder for S60 3rd and 2nd Ed phones.

Symbian 2nd and 3rd Edition

Arrived: 2009-10-08
Found under: calls, phone, alert, minute, counter
Symbian Incallert 3.04 freeware

» Incallert 3.04 Description

Incallert periodically generates sound beeps (which are normally heard only on your side) during phone calls. Use Incallert to make you conscious of your phone calls' minute mark - at and BEFORE the minute mark - WITHOUT having to look at the phone.

While active, this program makes a beep sound at the minute mark and can also make a different beep sound before the minute mark of your call. This feature helps notify you that a new minute cycle is coming soon, useful to control your call lengths by not getting into a new minute and using just a few soconds of the whole new minute that you're charged for - especially for international or other costly calls where the cost per minute is quite high. In cases like this, you would like to set Incallert to warn at and before every minute.

It can also be useful in the case that you don't want to waste too much time on the phone - you can set Incallert to warn you every 5 or 10 minutes.

Compatible Devices
Incallert can be used on S60 3rd and 2nd Edition phones. Tested and working on Nokia E61, 6120 classic, E90.

S60 3rd phones must allow "All" software installation otherwise on some phones you could get an install error "Certificate Error… Contact application supplier" – please set it: On some phones the location to set is: (Menu) > "Tools" > "App.mgr" > Options > Settings > Software Installation > set to "All". On other phones the location is: (Menu) > "Settings" > "Phone Settings" > Applications > App.manager > Software Installation > set to "All".

Download for S60 2nd Ed phones

the Incallert 3.04 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun11Oct at 12:15 pm
Amit wrote...
It is a very usefull software.Thanks a lot for geting it.
Tue13Oct at 2:52 am
sonya wrote...
interesting, thanks !
Tue1Dec at 12:36 am
Ajay Kumar wrote...
thank you
Wed2Dec at 6:11 am
sunny wrote...
thankz for this usefull softy



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