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» Input+ for Symbian UIQ: Italian Language Pack

Summary: FREE Italian Pack for Input+, Front End Processor for Symbian UIQ

Arrived: 2004-09-29
Found under: input, symbian, uiq, italian, language, pack
Symbian Input+ for Symbian UIQ: Italian Language Pack freeware

» Input+ for Symbian UIQ: Italian Language Pack Description

Input+ is an ideal solution for users who constantly use mobile messaging. It provides predictive text features for SMS, chat, e-mail, notes or anything else on Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910 and Motorola A920/A925. Input+ is a Front End Processor (FEP) for Symbian UIQ phones.
NEW: You should have basic package of Input+ in order to use these free downloadable dictionaries.

Greek  Danish  Finnish  French  German  Italian  Dutch
Norwegian  Portugal  Russian  Spanish  Swedish  English - already exists in the base package
With Input+ you can type just one character and Input+ will show you words that complete it. Input+ sorts words in such manner that more often used words will be shown first. The main Input+ features:
  • 12 FREE language packs, for all major European languages as well as for all Scandinavian languages! Just download the base package, which already contains English dictionary and then you may choose and download any other language packs absolutely free.
  • User''s dictionary with automatic word addition and word removal feature
  • Memorizing Internet URLs, e-mails and phone numbers: once typed in, you can always bring it back using completion feature
  • Two lines for completion, which give you an average of 10 completion variants at once
  • Cut/copy/paste support
  • Three window alignment options: up / down / stick to editor
  • Toolbar can be hidden for saving screen space

    Current language can be changed easily right in the virtual keyboard and you don''t need to restart/reinstall the program. Just download your language pack, select it in the control panel and you''ll be able to use it along with other language packs.

    Input+ significantly speeds up text input on mobile phones. The program has ability to align floating-window control in different manner, by default closest possible to text in target field. Almost in all cases text editing occurs in Input+ floating window, so you can easily see the composed text. You can select portion of text in a field and Input+ will be bounded by your selection, so other text will not be modified. Two available buttons for scrolling through all fields within Input+ will be useful too, as well as cut''n''paste support.

    Input+ has two lines for completion variants, which gives you an opportunity to find the needed word even faster than before!

    If there''s no some particular word in Input+'' dictionary, just type it in and Input+ will remember it. This word will be added to your personal dictionary and you can later use just if it was in the base language pack. Words from user''s dictionary can be removed either by one or all at once.

    Input+ recognizes also e-mail addresses, URLs and phone numbers in your text and remembers them for future use. If you don''t want Input+ to remember particular URL or phone number, you can easily delete it with two taps of a stylus. About SHAPE Services
    SHAPE Services is a German mobile software developer and content provider. SHAPE develops and distributes applications for mobile platforms including Palm, Java, Symbian, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Blackberry and BREW. Its flagship product, IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger, combines the most popular instant messaging systems in one application for various mobile devices. You may choose IM+ version for your mobile at The company''s portfolio is constantly increasing in entertainment and productivity applications, and J2ME games.

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    the Input+ for Symbian UIQ: Italian Language Pack for Symbian OS

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