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» iPhonesque Mod

Summary: Make the web sites believe that your Nokia browser is an iPhone, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Blackberry and more!

Symbian s60 Python For S60 v1.45

Arrived: 2009-04-05
Found under: utilities, browser, user, agent, s60
Symbian iPhonesque Mod freeware

» iPhonesque Mod Description

Make the web sites believe that your Nokia browser is an iPhone, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Blackberry and more! This software allows you to modify the User Agent of the browser in S60v3 and S60v5. The user agent platform indicates the platform from which we are surfing - if we are on Windows, Mac, Symbian, iPhone and so on.
Many sites now have a mobile version, but some of them do not allow us to achieve the full version and we are forced to stay in the "light version" of the site! With this program we can change the UserAgent of our integrated browser (not Opera Mini, etc.) and then, point out that our phone is not a Symbian OS, but we're browsing in Firefox with Xp, or Google Chrome and many other. This will allow us to see the full and no longer the mobile version!
So if a web site tries to serve you the Nokia-ized version of its pages instead of the full site, run User Agent to make the server believe you're using a different browser.
If you don't run the python script you will have your default behavior, but if you run it and select an option from the menu other than original, that user agent will be used until you change it again.

Note: websites may use scripts to read the user agent from other sources than the user agent string sent by the browser.

The requirements for this program are:
- V1.45 Python for S60 and Python Script Shell v1.45
- Have the files for certifying the two .sis files of the program, or have the phone hack made.
- Install the two files of the same drive where you installed Python
After having installed, run the program. Now that you are asked what UserAgent to use, select what you want and...enjoy!

Finally, you can return the original UserAgent selecting "Original" whenever you want, even while browsing.

the iPhonesque Mod for Symbian OS

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