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» Joca Browser

Summary: Java Programm um online auf Wikipedia zuzugreifen + Wiki News

Arrived: 2005-10-29
Found under: joca, browser
Symbian Joca Browser freeware

» Joca Browser Description

The interactive media platform JOCA allows immediate, continuous and free access to the famous online encyclopedia via GPRS. With more than 1.6 million articles (about 600.000 in English and 250.000 in German), Wikipedia offers the largest free accessible knowledge pool worldwide. Via JOCA, a Java program developed by Interactiv, the German specialist for interactive services, mobile phone users are able to screen the entire Wikipedia encyclopedia within a few seconds. JOCA quickly displays the Wikipedia answers on research requests in English or German and offers additional links recommended by the community’s authors. JOCA is the first smart application enabling mobile users to enlarge their intellectual horizon at any place and any time. Up to now, Wikipedia could only be downloaded on PDAs, smartphones or communicators on a single-serving basis omitting the actual character of the free encyclopedia: Data could not be recalled, so the daily growing content of more than 400 contributions on Wikipedia was not considered. JOCA instead uses GPRS in order to screen the Internet encyclopedia for all existing and new findings and formats the founded content for mobile displays sizes. Recommended further readings are presented by links.

the Joca Browser for Symbian OS

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