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» ListSMS v1.10

Summary: ListSMS is freeware message saver for Symbian S60 devices

Symbian S60
Python Script

Arrived: 2008-01-25
Found under: messages, sms, archive, backup, S60
Symbian ListSMS v1.10 freeware

» ListSMS v1.10 Description

ListSMS is a message archiver, that allows you to easily and conveniently convert and export all off UR messages in a single text file and send them to your PC.

It's also capable to read additional information like contact name, received time and extract it all together with the message creating a very nice and neat txt file with all listed messages.

Also it features a simple file manager so you will be able to choose destination and the file name as well.

the ListSMS v1.10 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Thu31Jan at 3:11 pm
Reza wrote...
I'm tring it. Ok
Fri1Feb at 3:13 pm
nasir wrote...
it lovely but i ve not use it
Thu3Apr at 6:34 am
boijan wrote...
i hope this use
Sun20Apr at 6:01 am
steve tims wrote...
Mon12Apr at 5:32 pm
nuur35 wrote...
It's ok



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