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» Longcuts for UIQ

Summary: Key mapper application for UIQ3 phones

Symbian UIQ3 compatible phone

Arrived: 2008-03-22
Found under: UIQ, key, map, shortcut, p990, m600i, p1i
Symbian Longcuts for UIQ freeware

» Longcuts for UIQ Description

Using Longcuts is extremely easy. As it's name implies it is using long key presses both for setup and usage.

To create keyboard shortcut to an application when Longcuts main screen is active choose the application from list, press and hold a key.

To invoke the shortcuts - press and hold the key when Longcuts is inactive.

Alt+key and Shift+key combinations might also be used as shortcuts.

the Longcuts for UIQ for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sat22Mar at 7:14 am
anto wrote...
Tue25Mar at 11:44 pm
imam wrote...
Thu3Apr at 6:45 pm
cem eser wrote...
Mon7Apr at 8:23 am
chaapru wrote...
Mon7Apr at 8:24 am
chaapru wrote...
Mon7Apr at 9:07 pm
phaeton wrote...
Tue8Apr at 7:14 am
dekill_er wrote...
can't install on my phone SE M600i
Wed9Apr at 12:44 pm
golianto wrote...
I will try first
Thu1May at 1:29 am
Nikhil wrote...
Fri2May at 3:05 am
muchlis wrote...
Tue13May at 5:48 am
danial wrote...
i cant install on says that this aplication is not signed for...........
Tue13May at 5:49 am
danial wrote...
i cant install on says that this aplication is not signed for...........
Sun25May at 1:22 am
Busrak Shata wrote...
very2 good and this software can helf for every things
Sun25May at 1:52 am
Busrak Shata wrote...
Thu5Jun at 8:20 pm
ling wrote...
please post a signed copy of this software, I am unable to install it on my m600i. Or please someone tell me how to get it signed. the sofware sounds great!!
Sat21Jun at 3:37 am
King wrote...
~assalaamu'alaikum~ is this for p990i? i'll try after i know what it's compatibled for ~thanx~
Fri4Jul at 11:11 am
manish wrote...
signed copy?????????????????
Mon7Jul at 11:10 pm
Mano wrote...
Yeah I have the same problem, I am trying to ge this sis app signed and i can't, I keep getting errors about the e-mail address I am using being invalid, can anyone work out how to get this app signed?
Fri5Sep at 1:56 am
glenn wrote...
cant install it. unsigned. please help. thanks
Fri23Oct at 1:11 pm
iden wrote...
ugh! certificate error. i have tried setting the date back and set the app manager to accept all installs but nothing. e71 new phone. ugh! i would love to have this work.
Wed19Jan at 10:18 am
Muhamadfathuri wrote...
Coba dulu



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