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» Map Vivo

Summary: Map Vivo for Symbian s60 3rd of 5th edition enables you to share your travel experiences with friends live!

Symbian s60 3rd of 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-10-06
Found under: map, travel, trip, pictures, place, gps, s60, 3rd, 5th
Symbian Map Vivo freeware

» Map Vivo Description

Map Vivo for Symbian s60 3rd of 5th edition enables you to share your travel experiences with friends live!

What is MapVivo Mobile?
It's the easiest way to share your travel experiences with friends as they happen, and the best way to discover new amazing places around you.

MapVivo Mobile has 2 main uses:

* Create a travel journal as you go, upload it to your account to share with friends. Just take photos, describe precious moments, and with a click of a button your journal is online and up to date.
* See interesting places nearby when you travel. An interactive map will show you what's worth visiting in your immediate vicinity and also a bit further away. Discover great places whenever you are!

Best of all it's absolutely free!

the Map Vivo for Symbian OS

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