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» MazeLock

Summary: MazeLock for Symbian s60 offers an innovative way to unlock your touch screen phone.

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-11-13
Found under: lock, unlock, slide, touch, htc, code, pattern, s60, 5th, 3rd
Symbian MazeLock freeware

» MazeLock Description

MazeLock for Symbian s60 offers an innovative way to unlock your touch screen phone.

Watch carefully the default unlock pattern when you start the application!

Set first your own unlock pattern by connecting some of the nine white dots together (There is a default unlock pattern pre setted). When you try to unlock your phone, you need to draw the same pattern exactly as you set.

You can also protect your side bar slider key -- double click the menu key to lock the phone. When the phone is locked, single click the menu key to show you the lock screen with large time display, if you only want to glance at the time, signle click the menu key again to turn off the light to save the battery!

The lock screen can be easily configured according to your own preference: you can download plenty of backgrounds for free, the date and time display can be changed, the color of the text is also configurable.

the MazeLock for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sat13Nov at 6:51 am
pWneD wrote...
cool !
Sat13Nov at 8:37 am
abdi fatah wrote...
thxx ppl.
Sat13Nov at 1:27 pm
brazzil wrote...
thks! App FTW!
Sun14Nov at 1:47 pm
althea wrote...
I like it
Mon15Nov at 5:25 pm
ajay wrote...
Tue16Nov at 7:15 am
J.R. wrote...
Hi, I made a very stupid mistake; I installed the app, but I didn't look at the default lock pattern and I didn't set my own unlock pattern and of course now I can't unlock the phone, can you please help me with this problem? thanks.
Wed17Nov at 11:46 am
vaghela wrote...
Sun21Nov at 1:19 am
raja wrote...
Mon22Nov at 3:21 am
gnanadev wrote...
Tue30Nov at 1:45 am
abhi wrote...
lets watch
Sat4Dec at 5:50 am
Thiago wrote...
It's full of win! Thanks!
Tue14Dec at 7:11 am
thomasz wrote...
i love symbian
Sun2Jan at 10:29 pm
rudreshachar wrote...
very nice
Sat22Jan at 3:01 am
efdtr wrote...
Wed26Jan at 11:06 pm
Papa steve wrote...
Wed2Feb at 12:36 pm
Vusal wrote...
Salam Necesiniz?
Tue8Feb at 1:18 am
amit wrote...
this is roking softwer.
Fri11Feb at 9:43 am
Shahid wrote...
Sat12Feb at 12:51 pm
sanjeev wrote...
to safe my mobile
Mon21Feb at 11:46 am
razi wrote...
Wed16Mar at 4:51 am
Jeevan James wrote...
Mon21Mar at 2:07 am
david wrote...
Error message... Built in component. Cannot install
Mon21Mar at 3:44 am
irtaza bakhsh wrote...
Sat26Mar at 2:39 pm
Teresa wrote...
it's better than my old handy lock....i like it verry much
Tue12Apr at 6:43 am
nitinvasoya wrote...
maze lock is very good
Thu14Apr at 11:45 pm
kero wrote...
Mon25Apr at 2:02 am
Esther Caffrey wrote...
Hi my son downloaded mazelock but didn't watch the default code and now can't use his phone. How can I unlock his phone please. Thankyou
Thu28Apr at 1:57 pm
king27 wrote...
Full access YOUR NOKIA symbain mobiles fp1 and fp2 s60 3rd and 5th device. u sing any apps. belive me. goto this link and enjoy.
Sat6Aug at 12:05 am
sekhar wrote...
Tue16Aug at 1:26 pm
makas wrote...
Sun28Aug at 12:14 am
Jayaprakash wrote...
Loockthe mobilesymbian software Dnwnloat
Fri2Sep at 6:47 pm
Aasifmeo wrote...
Co0l apps
Mon5Sep at 9:46 am
hasibullah wrote...
Wed7Sep at 2:34 am
rulex wrote...
it nice
Sun11Sep at 8:35 am
balaji wrote...
Mon19Sep at 12:08 am
Jagroopchhina wrote...
Sat24Sep at 6:40 am
fazmy wrote...
is awesome
Mon3Oct at 2:19 am
pedro dune wrote...
If by free you mean you have to pay to turn it on the second day, then yes, it is that kind of free. Looks like it drains a bunch of power. cool look though.
Mon3Oct at 4:25 am
tomifift wrote...
Tue11Oct at 8:21 pm
luqman wrote...
Thu13Oct at 9:31 am
bolika wrote...
Wed19Oct at 11:38 pm
harish wrote...
good software
Mon24Oct at 6:54 pm
tinerciler wrote...
g├╝zel agaaaa
Wed26Oct at 3:35 am
dohungthai wrote...
Sun30Oct at 1:46 pm
Rathan kumar wrote...
Mazelock downloading
Mon14Nov at 9:17 pm
Shain wrote...
Ya its amazing. . . Thanx alot
Mon5Dec at 3:16 pm
Getokiler wrote...
symbian wir gael
Tue27Dec at 5:57 am
Santosh wrote...
I like
Thu5Jan at 11:05 am
sameer wrote...
hii i m downloding
Fri6Jan at 9:25 am
habey wrote...
Sat7Jan at 11:49 am
Moman wrote...
Hy my mobile is nokia x6 i try to download som symbian games or app.I hop it willbe compleate with this wab site
Sun8Jan at 2:04 am
Rasanth wrote...
Is compatative in my Sony ericsson Satio u1i..?
Tue24Jan at 3:01 pm
mohamed wrote...
i wanna you will allow me the mazelock to download
Thu26Jan at 5:44 am
sonu dhanoa wrote...
Sun5Feb at 3:45 am
MAYANK wrote...
Sun19Feb at 5:41 pm
mohsin wrote...
Tue21Feb at 1:29 pm
Alex11 wrote...
Tue21Feb at 1:29 pm
Alex11 wrote...
Fri24Feb at 8:59 am
abdul kareem wrote...
Sat10Mar at 8:47 am
Khaled rahman wrote...
Mon19Mar at 2:02 am
Yeaaah wrote...
Sun1Apr at 2:55 pm
mahesh wrote...
i really like
Thu19Apr at 3:37 am
Gmaill wrote...
Wed25Apr at 2:40 pm
Joseph wrote...
Wed9May at 12:31 pm
irvin nyandoro wrote...
thts gud
Mon25Jun at 1:57 am
shubham wrote...
it is good
Thu28Jun at 6:40 am
Shiva wrote...
Hello i love
Mon9Jul at 6:03 pm
Ekine wrote...
Site should be easy to use
Fri13Jul at 2:29 pm
santhosh wrote...
super locker
Fri13Jul at 10:39 pm
Vipin wrote...
Fri13Jul at 10:40 pm
Vipin wrote...
Mon23Jul at 11:31 am
sourabhs wrote...
Fri27Jul at 6:46 pm
omer wrote...
i like this
Thu9Aug at 4:15 am
hemant wrote...
Date: 9 aug 2012. Downloaded. Good. NEw version available on Ovi. Lock gets activated immediately post installation. So be careful. Ensure u have learned the default unlock pattern. which in cell phone key layout is 12369. This is trail version. So only one pattern works. To set new pattern, need to download full version from Ovi. Charges Rs 15.
Sat29Sep at 3:34 am
please I want the app for palm treo 750 please help me
Fri16Nov at 11:44 am
arun wrote...



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