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» META friend locator

Summary: META friend locator is an online mobile map application with social features. META generates 5-10 times less data traffic than e.g. Google Maps -

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2011-04-11
Found under: Applications, City guides & Maps
Symbian META friend locator freeware

» META friend locator Description

META friend locator is an online mobile map application with social features. META generates 5-10 times less data traffic than e.g. Google Maps - making it well suited for travelling. You get maps covering most of the world, GPS support and millions of user provided point-of-interest like restaurants and cafes. You can share your location with friends and see where they are, check-in at places and write to people, see profile, add comments and photos etc.

the META friend locator for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon11Apr at 8:21 am
feri yunanto wrote...
Fri15Apr at 8:05 am
Mahmod wrote...
Hello I need software META friend locator s60 for nokia e5 thank you
Tue19Apr at 4:02 am
Aa'bowo Banten wrote...
Mon25Apr at 8:23 am
slmw2012 wrote...
nokia c5
Sun15May at 6:27 am
saini wrote...
Sat28May at 12:01 pm
sharadpatil wrote...
how can i downlode this in my nokia c7?.
Sun29May at 6:14 pm
Sasa wrote...
Symbian 6.3
Sat11Jun at 2:35 am
Abul Khair Ahmed wrote...
Wed6Jul at 3:41 am
sanjaykumar wrote...
Fri29Jul at 8:14 am
Yemi wrote...
Its good
Wed28Sep at 1:57 pm
Shashi wrote...
It's not well for you
Wed1Feb at 8:34 pm
Rumman wrote...
Mon6Feb at 3:29 am
Ganesan wrote...
Chans less amazing
Mon5Mar at 10:00 am
muskan wrote...
dhamnod city
Fri9Mar at 4:39 pm
nickolas wrote...
meta friend locator
Tue13Mar at 10:52 pm
Nickolas wrote...
meta friend lovator
Tue20Mar at 9:26 am
Iftekhar wrote...
Thu5Apr at 6:49 pm
ALAA HASHEM wrote...
very good
Tue22May at 2:47 am
williyam wrote...
Fri23Nov at 4:52 am
Joelson wrote...
So what? They market it as seotmhing that you can and should use as a main product.Air is free, but we still have agencies that see to it that it is as clean as possible.It is admirable when companies release products for free, but the second they start to have a you have no right to demand anything' attitude people will eventually find seotmhing else.Why do you think Google tries it best to listen when users actually complain? In the end, they earn money on having more users than less users, even if they are not paying money.Google is the perfect example of that actually. Generally everything they started out with and have are free, yet they earn so much money and can spend so much more on developing more amazing stuff.



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