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» MGS Mobile VR Pool 2 Online (for Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910)

Summary: Noumena present Mobile VR Pool 2 online, the long awaited follow-up to the award winning MVR Pool. Powered by the newest MGS 3D game engine.

Arrived: 2006-01-16
Found under: mgs, mobile, pool, online, sony, ericsson, p800p900p910
Symbian MGS Mobile VR Pool 2 Online (for Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910) freeware

» MGS Mobile VR Pool 2 Online (for Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910) Description

Noumena present MGS Mobile VR Pool 2, the long awaited follow-up to the award winning MVR Pool. Powered by the newest MGS 3D game engine, Pool 2 has elevated 3D realism to a new level.

Pool 2 has expanded the number of popular pool rules to include: 9 Ball, 15 Ball, Snooker and Free Drop. If this is not enough, there are several mini-games to test your skills.

Like all Noumena games, play against your friend on any other Symbian device through Bluetooth.

This will be the most impressive pool game on any wireless device for a long time to come.As an added bonus, your game package will include our newly upgraded MGS version 2.X which allows you to go online and challenge other players from around the world to your favorite games! Once you have successfully registered, you can login, download and play a multitude of MGS online games for free! Note: you will be responsible for data usage fees as charged by your service provider.

  • Challenge players all over the world in MGS Online game community!
  • Even more realistic 3D graphics powered by the newest MGS game engine.
  • Expanded game play. Play 9 Ball, 15 Ball, Snooker, Free Drop
  • Many newly added features including richer user interface, different levels of difficulties, different backdrops, table colors, and more
  • Challenge other players or upload scores via GPRS

the MGS Mobile VR Pool 2 Online (for Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910) for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon13Nov at 9:09 pm
rachmadww wrote...
interesting !!!!!!!
Tue5Dec at 10:04 pm
patrick wrote...
interesting game
Wed13Dec at 3:40 am
Ravi Chander wrote...
Sun14Jan at 6:00 am
zunoran wrote...
Mon12Feb at 4:21 pm
cufi wrote...
thaks you very much
Mon19Feb at 2:23 am
rao_ wrote...
lc;fk'opgkty'ky\[kl yt\ ojg;oi tjiogj;htj ;tj tp'j t t jt'tj iogj g
Wed4Apr at 4:02 am
claudio garcia wrote...
Mon7May at 1:40 am
ipunk wrote...
Tue8May at 5:11 pm
john wrote...
Thu10May at 10:44 am
totok wrote...
Sat12May at 1:57 am
heebe wrote...
stupid completely stupid game
Mon9Jul at 3:16 pm
asdasdas wrote...
Sun15Jul at 3:25 pm
kosras wrote...
very nice guys
Wed25Jul at 3:08 am
SHABBIR wrote...
Thu9Aug at 6:07 am
oei1 wrote...
Sat18Aug at 12:48 pm
saad wrote...
Fri7Sep at 1:40 am
sandy wrote...
i want this type more game
Sat20Oct at 11:04 pm
gotsu1 wrote...
Mon5Nov at 11:24 pm
wahyu wrote...
nice game
Sat1Dec at 11:39 am
mojatab wrote...
Mon3Dec at 4:05 am
creee wrote...
Mon3Dec at 6:16 am
Sony wrote...
Good stuff. Keep it up.
Wed5Dec at 3:30 am
Jeff wrote...
Its a Great Game
Tue18Dec at 7:36 am
xspotlight666 wrote...
hw to download first
Fri4Jan at 7:57 pm
roger wrote...
not bad
Tue8Jan at 7:56 am
kozma wrote...
Lets see!
Tue15Jan at 5:30 pm
benjamin wrote...
super man goed bezig
Sat9Feb at 4:44 am
paresh wrote...
wants more eassy games
Fri7Mar at 12:26 pm
David wrote...
Sat5Jul at 3:15 pm
wasif wrote...
Sat30Aug at 2:45 am
Sherif shaheen wrote...
Tue2Sep at 3:35 pm
Rohinton wrote...
Wed3Sep at 2:53 pm
IKENNA wrote...
Wed22Oct at 5:31 pm
adil wrote...
Fri31Oct at 5:06 pm
dinisma wrote...
Fri10Apr at 7:09 pm
aaafffffff wrote...
is very goood!!!!!!
Sun17Jun at 12:55 pm
Zaheer wrote...
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