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» MM Reversi (Deutsch) 1.0

Summary: Reversi or Othello is a well known boardgame. Its easy to play, but a challenge to win - and really this version is a challenge.

Arrived: 2006-04-24
Found under: Games, Board games
Symbian MM Reversi (Deutsch) 1.0 freeware

» MM Reversi (Deutsch) 1.0 Description

Reversi or Othello is a well known boardgame. Its easy to play, but a challenge to win - and really this version is a challenge.

The board consists of 8x8 fields, the two players alternately put white and black stones onto the board. Your goal is to have the most stones at the end of the game. To do so, directly enclose your white opponent horizontally, vertically or diagonally. All surrounded stones become yours - change to your black color. If you cannot surround stones, you have to pass. The game ends if the board is full or you and the computer have to pass.

The program individually fits boardsize to your Phones screensize, Java Phone with at least 200 KByte Heapmemory (64KByte linear accessible). You can use 2,4,6,8 or joystick to move the cursor, press 5 or fire to place your black stone.

Some features:
- 6 different levels (Weak, Moderate, Normal, Good, Strong and Hard, the "Normal" level was tested with many other Phone Java Reversi Games without losing)
- shows your Move- Possibilities (optional)
- shows last Computer- Move
- animated stones (optional, if you have problems deactivate it)
- first Move for Computer or Player (startposition commutable too)
- really quick calculation and strong AI
- shows Time- Bar during calculation
- board, stones, colors on all screens and different Handy models in evidence
- really small, only 16 KByte

Important: This Game is designed for every Java Handy, color, grayscale and black/white. The program needs 200 KByte of Heapmemory (64KByte linear accessible)!

Enjoy the Game!

» Comments

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