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» Mobbler

Summary: Mobbler is a scrobbler that works with Symbian s60 smartphones.

Symbian s60 3th or 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-03-11
Found under: last, fm, mobbler, music, online, share
Symbian Mobbler freeware

» Mobbler Description

Mobbler, Mobile Scrobbler, is a scrobbler that works with Symbian s60 smartphones. It allows you to scrobble from the Nokia s60 Music Player, both whilst your listen to the tracks or you can store the tracks offline to be submitted later.

Mobbler, everyone’s favorite music-streaming app, has been updated today to v1.09, with some really cool new features!

Mobbler should be compatible with all s60 third and fifth edition mobile phones.

The big update to v0.9 is local file playback. If you’re listening to a station and Mobbler sees that you have the same song stored on your memory card, it will play the local file instead of streaming it, saving you both data transfer and battery life. This is an awesome feature that many of you will absolutely love having.
Other new features include the ability to have Mobbler show lyrics, downloaded on the fly from
You can also now edit tags on the currently playing track, so if there’s an incorrect one, you can fix that right away.
For those of you that enjoy live music, you’ll also see a red banner across the top of the album art if the artist is currently on tour – if you’re on an S60v5 device like the X6 or the N97, you’ll be able to click this banner to get more information, too.

There are also high-quality graphics for the various buttons, and high quality album art. This 0.4.5 version brought in some new features for the left direction, allowing you to share the track with your friends or add it to a playlist.

For more information please check the project web page

the Mobbler for Symbian OS

» Comments

Tue15Apr at 10:54 pm
w3n2x wrote...
Wed30Apr at 12:46 pm
Claudio wrote...
Doesnt work in my Nokia E62.
Fri27Feb at 3:40 pm
abuzaid wrote...
nice software
Sun3May at 11:58 pm
Adam wrote...
I just installed mobbler on my 5800 xpress and it always tells me that i have the wrong password. Anyway one know whats going on? Is there a universal password or username?
Wed20May at 4:34 pm
Stef wrote...
Adam Got the same thing - did you get it sorted?
Sun24May at 1:11 pm
Perra wrote...
I have the same problem with N85....always tell me I have the wrong password...any solution?
Tue2Feb at 7:20 pm
William Tracy wrote...
I have two Nokia devices, a N95 (an amazing, and fun device!) and a backup (my N95 is needing some repair work :( ) an E61i. I had both the mobbler and the internet radio apps loaded on my N95, and they worked great. Not quite so great with the E61i. Hopefully, this new version will work... Now, if I can locate a version of internet radio that has the generes and country selections, I will be set!
Wed17Feb at 7:45 pm
agus indra artawan wrote...
it is the great application I have ever seen
Tue8Feb at 10:30 pm
ali b wrote...
very good
Tue8Feb at 10:30 pm
ali b wrote...
very good



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