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» MSN Live Messenger

Summary: MSN instant live messenger is a live chat and social network for Symbian s60 5th edition

Symbian s60 5th edition

Arrived: 2010-11-21
Found under: msn, social, communities, IM, network, s60, 5th
Symbian MSN Live Messenger freeware

» MSN Live Messenger Description

Through mobile MSN, you may enjoy the free service which immediately provides to Live, not only provides chats immediately the service, but also has provided Hotmail, Spaces for you, gateway information and so on a series of splendid Internet service. Latest mobile MSN has comprehensive synchronized PC function, supports local searches, anytime and anywhere synchronization your life!

Personality portrait:
The handset can also play very plays the individuality, comprehensive synchronized PC the messenger personalization head picture, may establish through the mobile photograph as from the definition head picture, show leaves your style anytime and anywhere

File transfer:
Supports in the mobile each type document transmission, shares the mobile resources comprehensively. The optimized photograph transmission, the recording transmission function lets you and good friend's communication has the interest, the sharing splendid quarter.

Friend groups + Search:
Comprehensive synchronized PC the messenger function, supports the good friend grouping as well as the search good friend, the Internet and the handset seamless conformity new experience lets the communication becomes relaxed effective

MSN mobile portal
Mailbox, space, information, book city, game ......Online lives a spot to pass, enjoys the inconvenience which and the splendor heartily the "one-stop" work style service brings, is the fashion moist person.

Interacts based on the Messenger entertainment to communicate the platform, a series of interactive game helps you to know the friend, the relaxed entertainment, the share is joyful!

New Features:

* The new interface: The new interface to create an open platform, users do not log directly into the client will be search, portals, games and other services.
* Cool off personality: Cool set off to bring Microsoft's service life information, business deals and personal customization as one of the all-round guide to life, my life I call the shots!
* One-stop mobile Internet experience: Login to use a little more user can enjoy various services offered by MSN, including IM, SNS, discount coupons, PC and mobile phone experience seamless integration with Unity.
* Mobile Bookmarks: Do not want to miss the wonderful collection of cell phone handy bookmark for you bit by bit exciting.

the MSN Live Messenger for Symbian OS

» Comments

Mon22Nov at 8:30 pm
mohajer wrote...
Mon22Nov at 8:38 pm
andy wrote...
thnk u
Tue23Nov at 2:23 am
andy punk ksm banten wrote...
Wed24Nov at 10:00 am
harun wrote...
Wed24Nov at 8:54 pm
Raheem wrote...
Good relation
Sun28Nov at 11:52 am
walid wrote...
Sun28Nov at 5:08 pm
Dionei wrote...
Quando sairá a versão pt-br para nokia c6? Obrigado.
Sun28Nov at 11:36 pm
rajayogi wrote...
Mon29Nov at 12:56 pm
victor wrote...
Thu2Dec at 5:36 am
abdi fatah wrote...
kool koll
Sat4Dec at 9:53 am
kavy wrote...
Sun5Dec at 7:53 am
Adiibah wrote...
cool! I love it!
Thu9Dec at 3:17 am
kostyal martin wrote...
Fri10Dec at 8:19 am
motasem3 wrote...
i love you
Mon13Dec at 1:05 pm
micha wrote...
Thu16Dec at 5:09 pm
Wed29Dec at 2:31 am
onndara wrote...
thank you
Sat1Jan at 4:03 pm
dani wrote...
perfect thank's
Thu13Jan at 1:46 pm
mohammed ali wrote...
it is good
Fri14Jan at 2:25 pm
moha wrote...
Fri28Jan at 10:44 am
quli wrote...
Fri28Jan at 1:16 pm
jhqwqwqwq wrote...
Mon7Feb at 12:37 pm
ismail wrote...
Sat12Feb at 9:04 am
David wrote...
Sat12Feb at 9:07 am
David wrote...
how i can download it...? please help i need it on my cell phone, my mobile is a sony ericsson Satio and i need that sombody help me how to download it on my cell phone... and thanks
Thu17Feb at 9:38 pm
ismael arciniegas wrote...
gracias por ayudar a la comunicacion
Sat19Feb at 1:37 am
bai_sepet wrote...
hai fwend...
Tue22Feb at 4:02 pm
Immy wrote...
nice one
Wed23Feb at 6:36 pm
shahid wrote...
Sat26Feb at 2:11 pm
Roberto Junior wrote...
Sat5Mar at 9:08 am
martin wrote...
Sat12Mar at 5:34 pm
christous wrote...
Sat12Mar at 5:35 pm
ksenia kalogeropoula wrote...
Tsimpa t' arxidia tou papa... xixixixixxx ;)
Mon21Mar at 6:46 pm
dumitrache leonard wrote...
very good
Fri1Apr at 2:02 am
reaper wrote...
Wed6Apr at 2:39 am
Arun Kumar Sinha wrote...
Thu28Apr at 1:56 pm
king27 wrote...
Full access YOUR NOKIA symbain mobiles fp1 and fp2 s60 3rd and 5th device. u sing any apps. belive me. goto this link and enjoy.
Thu5May at 12:02 pm
shkembim wrote...
Sun15May at 8:35 pm
rafael wrote...
Sun29May at 3:50 am
dazy wrote...
Fri10Jun at 12:01 pm
Nemoo wrote...
I will taste!! Thanks !!
Wed15Jun at 9:17 am
Dangana George wrote...
Fri17Jun at 12:48 pm
Ganny wrote...
It the best of the best
Mon20Jun at 3:53 pm
rajiv wrote...
hay i culdnt instal msn mssenger
Thu14Jul at 2:16 pm
Noman Ali wrote...
msn live
Fri15Jul at 6:57 am
amro wrote...
make skype with
Wed20Jul at 1:35 am
azuponger wrote...
i have download and installation
Wed20Jul at 1:36 am
azuponger wrote...
i have download and installation
Thu11Aug at 12:18 pm
jlunior13 wrote...
Fri19Aug at 9:09 pm
hhhh wrote...
hjk uuu hgy ijk
Sat20Aug at 5:50 pm
hicham wrote...
Sun28Aug at 4:41 am
mkmk wrote...
Sun28Aug at 9:29 am
albertkyaw wrote...
Sat24Sep at 7:48 am
ruswan wrote...
Thu29Sep at 6:16 am
lotchyiano wrote...
how i dowlond the files plz
Mon10Oct at 7:01 am
king wrote...
Fri18Nov at 4:06 am
syed usman gillani wrote...
very nice
Sat10Dec at 8:58 am
Mamadochalo wrote...
Sat17Dec at 9:01 am
mohamed wrote...
i cant download this app
Wed28Dec at 10:03 am
tuğrul wrote...
Thu26Jan at 1:05 pm
ljubisa vasiljevic wrote...
Fri10Feb at 4:10 am
salim wrote...
Fri2Mar at 6:42 am
enrique wrote...
Sat7Apr at 9:12 am
brahimcherifi wrote...
j aime installé cette appls
Wed27Jun at 1:06 am
Shinni wrote...
Its good
Wed27Jun at 1:06 am
Shinni wrote...
Its good
Wed27Jun at 1:06 am
Shinni wrote...
Its good
Wed27Jun at 1:06 am
Shinni wrote...
Its good
Wed27Jun at 1:06 am
Shinni wrote...
Its good
Wed27Jun at 1:06 am
Shinni wrote...
Its good
Wed27Jun at 1:06 am
Shinni wrote...
Its good
Sat21Jul at 9:00 am
temz wrote...
Wed22Aug at 2:58 pm
besim wrote...
Wed22Aug at 2:58 pm
besim wrote...
Sat1Sep at 2:48 am
allen praiu wrote...
Sat1Sep at 2:49 am
allen praiu wrote...
Sat29Sep at 8:57 pm
Samalita wrote...
le follie di Zio Bill A mio avsivo dandoci una occhiata velocemente, trattasi di un comune servizio e-mail hotmail, per usufruire inoltre all'utilizzo di msn 8 come puoi notare anche MSN 8 porta la dicitura Windows Live concludendo, Zio bill sta rinnovando l'immagine Microsoft, intregrando sulla nuova piattaforma i servizi che gie0 conosciamo Eddy
Sun6Jan at 1:13 am
Nina wrote...
c14e@arsoka: heywhat is it that you dont get?if you and your fnired both have symbian phones and internet access you can call him over IP you will not be charged for the call but only for internet usage.this is tested and it works just GREAT.just tell me if you need more infode



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