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» NEW: PhotoProfessional V2.20 Update - FREE for licensed users ONLY

Summary: Update PhotoProfessional for FREE. We have added new functions that allow to send pictures by E-Mail or MMS without the necessity to save them.

Arrived: 2004-04-22
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Symbian NEW: PhotoProfessional V2.20 Update - FREE for licensed users ONLY freeware

» NEW: PhotoProfessional V2.20 Update - FREE for licensed users ONLY Description

PhotoProfessional V2.20, FREE Update for licensed users ONLY

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For common information about Nicevalley, please visit Nicevalley. Informationen in Deutsch:
Allgemeine Informationen über Nicevalley, finden Sie hier. PhotoProfessional ist komplett in Deutsch und Englisch (Programm und Hilfe). Weitere Informationen über PhotoProfessional in Deutsch finden Sie hier.

NEW Top Feature: Sending as E-Mail or MMS!

NEW Sending: You can now send pictures as E-Mail or MMS at any time. And even if you don't like to save your changes or if you like to send intermediate states of your work.

NEW Top Feature: Color-Balance!

NEW Blue-filter: Often pictures taken inhouse are blue-tinged. This means the picture seems to be cold and too blue, because the camera is "irritated" by the lamps. We have added not only the blue-filter, but also filters for other color-balance problems.

More Color-Filters: Beside of blue-filter, green-filter, yellow-filter and red-filter are available.

Surprise: Even for pictures not seeming to be too blue, the blue-filter is ideal to make pictures more warm and more friendly.

NEW Top Feature: Wide Zoom Range, Zoom by Wheel or Cursors and SmartZoom!

Zoom range: Our all new zoom function allows to zoom from "fit-to-page" to 1600%. You can control every single pixel. Zoom by Wheel / Cursors!: The fastest zoom operating you have ever seen! If you need to zoom, you can just use the wheel/cursors to do it - no need to zoom by menus or sub-menus. Just zooooooooooom it. SmartZoom by Pen!: If no special tool is active, like mask and drawing, you can zoom even more smart. Just click with the pen on the picture; and PhotoProfessional zooms and the picture to the point you clicked on.

Or would you like to move the picture without using the zoom-sliders? No problem, just indicate with the pen how to move the picture. Click on the picture and move the pen to the direction you like.

NEW Top Feature: Precise Painting

NEW: We have added new absolute line thicknesses (1px, 2px, 3px and 5px). You can now with freehand line and thickness 1px set every single pixel to the color you need.

NEW: Zoom allows to set the masks for filtering much more precise.

NEW Top Feature: Pipette implemented!

NEW Top Feature: Selecting a color direcly from the display is now available. Download now and make your mind before you buy it. We think you will love this product.

NEW Top Feature: ColorWheel and RGB-Colors!

NEW ColorWheel: Controlling the color is now very easy. Test the Color-Wheel!

Top: Multiple Cutting to any Format

Any format you need for your device; just cut the section to your needs. After having cut it, you will see the result and - if necessary - you can cut again.

Top: Resizing to any Format

Resize the picture to any size you like; Standard sizes and free size (smaller or bigger target size, keeping the aspect-ratio or not, it's your decision).

Buy Now:

BUY NOW: Early buyers can update future PhotoProfessional version for free. This is our "Thank You" to early buyers.

NOTE: Check for the whole list of features

NOTE: For the complete list of features, please look at ProtoProfessional. NOTE: For a smaller version with basic functions, please look at ProtoEnhancer FlyWeight V1.70. NOTE: For buyers already having one of the PhotoEnhancer versions: We have an Upgrade pack for you. Please look at ProtoProfessional Upgrade. NOTE: For all titles of Nicevalley, please click here.

the NEW: PhotoProfessional V2.20 Update - FREE for licensed users ONLY for Symbian OS

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