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» Nokia Energy Profiler

Summary: Use the Nokia Energy Profiler v1.2 to test and monitor your application’s energy usage in real time in the target device.

Nokia S60 3rd Edition,
Feature Pack 1

Arrived: 2009-03-09
Found under: battery, power, energy, profiler, analyze, utilities, s60, nokia
Symbian Nokia Energy Profiler freeware

» Nokia Energy Profiler Description

Use the Nokia Energy Profiler to test and monitor your application’s energy usage in real time in the target device. The application is a stand-alone test and measurement application for Nokia S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1 devices (and onwards). If you are experiencing fast battery drains you can start monitoring your energy consumption and resolve the problem using the Nokia Energy Profiler !

the Nokia Energy Profiler for Symbian OS

» Comments

Wed26Dec at 9:17 pm
adi kurniawan wrote...
this web is good
Fri30Jan at 8:37 pm
AdamaOuangrawa wrote...
Le logiciel est super
Sat31Jan at 11:58 am
Chris wrote...
It wont download onto my N 93 . Why is that
Sun22Feb at 9:33 pm
Panda wrote...
Its an interesting application. Thanks a lot..
Tue10Mar at 5:12 am
mikuu wrote...
@ Chris: It needs S60 3rd FP1 or newer. See for device specs.
Thu12Mar at 10:57 am
thomas wrote...
Ver 1.2 did not run on my 6220classic. i go back to version 1.2
Sun15Mar at 4:39 am
Thomas wrote...
edit:back to 1.1
Mon16Mar at 7:14 pm
syam nuhgroho wrote...
this web is good
Wed1Jul at 4:26 am
JuLz wrote...
this is good website
Tue11Aug at 2:09 pm
kouakou wrote...
symbian s60 freeware download to n82
Thu1Oct at 12:33 am
rakesh wrote...
Sun17Jan at 9:20 am
irakli wrote...
das ist gut
Wed8Sep at 7:14 am
hamid wrote...
Tue21Sep at 5:00 am
happy wrote...
Wed27Oct at 5:46 pm
park young hee wrote...
It is very good
Tue8Mar at 6:58 am
Onalaja Oluwayemisi wrote...
Very Good
Wed23Mar at 4:32 pm
Ntim wrote...
Wed1Jun at 8:35 am
alim86 wrote...
aplikasinya sangat bagus. Terimakasih
Thu22Sep at 12:40 pm
santhu peruka wrote...
Sat1Oct at 11:40 am
Saizorpi wrote...
Sat31Dec at 2:13 am
Alexandar wrote...
its nice....
Fri23Mar at 10:57 am
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