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» Opera mini 4.2

Summary: Surf the full Internet on any mobile phone.

Arrived: 2008-12-12
Found under: Internet, HTML, Browser, opera, s60
Symbian Opera mini 4.2 freeware

» Opera mini 4.2 Description

Opera Mini allows you access to the full Internet on your mobile phone. Users can surf any Web site such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and Hotmail on their mobile phone just like they would on a normal computer. This includes the vast majority of today\\\s WAP-enabled phones. Instead of requiring the phone to process Web pages, it uses a remote server to pre-process the page before sending it to the phone. This is perfect for phones with very low resources, or low bandwidth connections.

the Opera mini 4.2 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun14Dec at 2:38 am
Rohit wrote...
Fri19Dec at 11:55 pm
dwipa wrote...
funny and efektif your browser with opera
Sat20Dec at 10:37 am
Leonardo wrote...
lokata E 61i
Sun1Mar at 10:14 pm
WahN9 wrote...
good... but difficult login for mail yahoo
Thu26Mar at 2:58 am
ayed wrote...
geeat soft ware thanks
Sun19Jul at 4:49 am
meet nbow wrote...
very good
Sun2Aug at 10:52 pm
Ronald asa wrote...
What opera mini browser can fit in p900?
Wed2Sep at 6:04 am
Rudyn wrote...
Sat19Sep at 2:13 am
Rizwan zain wrote...
I m the greatest fan of it. It is best software for everyone.
Tue29Sep at 11:50 pm
Catur wrote...
Opera mini 4.2 don't my download
Fri1Jan at 6:54 pm
Uson wrote...
Is the best
Tue5Jan at 10:01 am
amas wrote...
Sat27Mar at 7:24 am
George wrote...
Super duper
Mon29Mar at 4:22 am
Mazhar wrote...
Wed7Apr at 4:20 pm
Imtiyaz wrote...
This is good software to support all mobile
Tue18May at 7:08 pm
Olih komaludin wrote...
Tue25May at 5:20 pm
addie wrote...
i need help, where can i get the older version of opera mini 4.2?
Fri4Jun at 8:54 pm
fernando resto wrote...
Very cool
Tue29Jun at 1:21 am
sameer raj wrote...
hw to download?
Mon12Jul at 12:21 pm
nikhil wrote...
it's no. 1
Tue13Jul at 9:26 pm
Shakeel awan wrote...
Opera10 is good working for my n73 all the best
Sat17Jul at 9:14 pm
lance wrote...
Thu4Nov at 7:18 am
Antaryami Behera wrote...
It's really an excellent
Thu4Nov at 7:18 am
Antaryami Behera wrote...
It's really an excellent
Wed17Nov at 4:11 am
marcdwb wrote...
Im still not sure how to download games
Sat20Nov at 7:51 pm
daryl taclob wrote...
intrenet free
Fri26Nov at 5:53 am
tobaski wrote...
vous avez opéra mini handler 4.2 format symbian
Sun28Nov at 5:01 am
Mohammad Sohel saiyed wrote...
Nice site
Mon29Nov at 12:28 pm
Nicholus wrote...
I'm lovin' the site
Mon29Nov at 1:19 pm
bryne wrote...
I love the site but i can't find how to download operamini 4.2 for my nokia 2730,because my opera 4.2 was for 6630 only.pls help me..thanks
Sat4Dec at 3:15 am
andi wrote...
Fri4Mar at 12:28 am
azim wrote...
can you send it for me, I cant go to Opera site nokia n72 s60 3th
Mon7Mar at 5:06 am
raju wrote...
its nice
Thu17Mar at 2:46 am
jhay wrote...
Mon11Apr at 8:22 pm
sujisankar wrote...
Wed13Apr at 10:55 am
Jayare wrote...
I like it
Tue26Apr at 5:35 pm
Alves chauque wrote...
I want to install opera mini in my nokia e51 but it is not possible
Mon2May at 6:48 pm
kheez wrote...
Fri20May at 2:47 am
dicky wrote...
Mon23May at 1:31 pm
yhang wrote...
like it
Wed1Jun at 5:16 pm
Moses onu wrote...
Very good stuff
Sun21Aug at 8:32 pm
luyanda wrote...
gud stuff
Sun21Aug at 8:32 pm
luyanda wrote...
gud stuff
Sun28Aug at 2:45 am
Ibunkun wrote...
I m here to download opera mini 4.2
Mon29Aug at 1:13 pm
george lumpa wrote...
The smart phone is great
Fri23Sep at 2:56 am
sam nile wrote...
Tue27Sep at 1:05 pm
Tejbahuguna wrote...
I love opera
Fri7Oct at 4:39 pm
walter wrote...
Luv it
Wed23Nov at 12:16 pm
kasmidan wrote...
opera mini 4.2 lebih simple digunakan sebagai mesin browser
Thu8Mar at 4:47 pm
Festusja wrote...
Tue27Mar at 3:12 am
main taj wrote...
Wed4Apr at 1:13 am
Abdul hameed wrote...
I want to mini download
Wed4Apr at 1:13 am
Abdul hameed wrote...
I want to mini download
Sat28Apr at 7:46 pm
Paul wrote...
P910i opera mini 4.2
Sun29Apr at 11:19 pm
Paul wrote...
i want to download opera mini 4.2 for my sony ericsson P910i
Sun29Apr at 11:21 pm
Paul wrote...
i want to download opera mini 4.2 for my sony ericsson P910i
Tue12Jun at 2:59 am
rey pogi wrote...
its great
Mon23Jul at 10:25 pm
alhomran wrote...
it is very helpfull programe
Tue24Jul at 8:36 pm
roldan wrote...
what is your url
Mon30Jul at 4:53 pm
Bizkid wrote...
Tue11Sep at 1:46 pm
angela wrote...
I have Boost moble. My phone is a Sanyo Incognito. I think I have Opera Mini 7. Does this sound right? And is 7 the latest version? I think it is something I would love to have. Help!
Sun16Sep at 10:07 am
nupur kar wrote...



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