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» Opera Mini Web Browser 6.0

Summary: Get the fastest mobile browser with Opera Mini. By compressing pages with Opera's servers, Opera Mini not only loads webpages faster, but it

Symbian s60 3rd or 5th edition

Arrived: 2011-03-31
Found under: Applications, Utilities
Symbian Opera Mini Web Browser 6.0 freeware

» Opera Mini Web Browser 6.0 Description

Get the fastest mobile browser with Opera Mini. By compressing pages with Opera's servers, Opera Mini not only loads webpages faster, but it saves on data charges since it uses about a tenth of the data of normal browsers.

A new, refreshed interface looks better on your device and gives Opera Mini a sleek, modern appearance. You can also share web content with others on popular social networks.

Opera Mini is the ultimate browser for browsing on slow Internet connections.

the Opera Mini Web Browser 6.0 for Symbian OS

» Comments

Fri1Apr at 4:08 am
Kiran kumar wrote...
I am the first to download and comment
Fri1Apr at 4:35 am
hamed wrote...
Fri1Apr at 8:34 pm
Muneeshwaran wrote...
Fri1Apr at 11:07 pm
benjamin austine wrote...
pretty cool huh
Sat2Apr at 3:50 am
Dajal wrote...
Its good
Sat2Apr at 8:28 am
kolawole olalekan wrote...
for free browsing
Sat2Apr at 11:37 am
saeed wrote...
Sat2Apr at 11:39 am
saeed wrote...
Sun3Apr at 1:57 am
venus wrote... opera d0sn't w0rk
Sun3Apr at 4:10 pm
hamid meniat wrote...
Wed6Apr at 11:09 am
Rekhachandran wrote...
Thu7Apr at 2:41 pm
Yasin wrote...
thanks Its super good!!!
Thu14Apr at 3:53 pm
mass_747 wrote...
I am not satisefay
Thu21Apr at 11:21 pm
Tajudeen Ademola wrote...
Free Browsing
Sat30Apr at 11:57 pm
parix wrote...
Tue3May at 2:28 am
tammao wrote...
la nguoi vui tinh
Wed4May at 2:36 am
amjad wrote...
yet to go through
Wed11May at 5:18 am
javad wrote...
thank you
Sun15May at 4:18 am
jarek wrote...
musi działać
Mon23May at 2:59 am
vuvanhung wrote...
Thu26May at 8:53 am
Manzoor wrote...
Yes very nice
Fri10Jun at 10:19 pm
mohammed wrote...
Please let me download it in a simple way
Sun12Jun at 11:14 pm
rahul wrote...
its nice
Mon27Jun at 6:52 am
vikas wrote...
mmm its good
Thu7Jul at 4:48 pm
reza wrote...
nokia n79
Mon15Aug at 8:35 am
Bishe.lawman wrote...
Ei download tou yarga haige....
Fri19Aug at 9:17 pm
saqib malik wrote...
its cooooooooooooool.
Tue6Sep at 7:49 pm
Emie wrote...
Wed21Sep at 5:13 am
Ramkumar ram wrote...
Samsung sgh f 480 mobe mini opera sofwere
Thu22Sep at 7:57 pm
illa sharma wrote...
Awesome :-)
Sat24Sep at 12:33 am
peter wrote...
super gr8!
Sat1Oct at 8:29 pm
wayne wrote...
Mon3Oct at 2:08 am
prudhvi naik wrote...
like that
Thu6Oct at 11:27 pm
Sabet wani la wrote...
I like it
Tue13Dec at 5:35 pm
keith wrote...
will have to see
Tue27Dec at 11:12 pm
siavash wrote...
Wed18Jan at 9:45 am
Anand kumar wrote...
Opera mini is very fast
Sat10Mar at 5:04 pm
Osmanmusa wrote...
Fri13Apr at 1:18 am
ralph moore wrote...
cool @least
Thu21Jun at 1:23 am
jonielisashvili wrote...
qito mari nugo
Sat7Jul at 9:26 am
Imran wrote...
V nice
Mon6Aug at 4:14 am
haroon wrote...
Mon3Sep at 5:11 pm
hendra wrote...
sangat bagus



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