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» OviShow

Summary: Ovi Show v2.0 for Nokia 97 or 97 mini displays all the Ovi Store news on your home screen.

Nokia 97 or 97 mini

Arrived: 2010-06-18
Found under: home, ovi, store, content, display, shortcut, nokia, n97
Symbian OviShow freeware

» OviShow Description

Ovi Show v2.0 is an application for Nokia 97 and Nokia 97 mini mobiles that lets you display on your home screen all the news coming out on Ovi Store. You can customize the content that will appear (Recommended, Games, Applications, Audio and Video, Customization) all viewable by Free, Paid or New.

the OviShow for Symbian OS

» Comments

Fri25Jun at 8:42 pm
keyvan wrote...
sony ericsson p990i
Sun27Jun at 5:37 pm
rakesh wrote...
verry nice
Sun11Jul at 10:54 am
pamreishang wrote...
Sun10Oct at 1:35 pm
Johnsang wrote...
Wed2Feb at 6:25 am
samba wrote...
i really like this it's very good
Wed11May at 3:17 pm
Charles wrote...
Its nice.
Fri25Nov at 6:06 am
moayad wrote...
thank u
Thu12Jan at 10:57 pm
Ziauddin wrote...
Sat28Apr at 10:28 pm
Montis wrote...
I just downloaded Gmaps 2.0 and was shkceod to find how different the UI is from my previous version (1.4.4).Gone is the navigation keys zooming, breaking up navigation between the joystick of my N73 and the keypad.Gone are also the Favourites!!! Now those I will be needing back guys. They are the most useful feature of Google maps! (ok, after the actual finding an address...) It's nice to have them as fixed points on your Gmaps landscape. Will we get them back?(happily, i did not uninstall 1.4.4 or i would have been very very annoyed with Google)Eurydice13.
Sat15Dec at 1:10 pm
nafisa wrote...
Sat15Dec at 1:10 pm
nafisa wrote...
Sat15Dec at 1:12 pm
nafisa wrote...



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