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» PhoneTorch

Summary: Use your Symbian 3rd and 5th Edition phone as a LED and screen flashlight.

Symbian 5th or 3rd Edition phone

Arrived: 2010-03-06
Found under: torch, flashlight, symbian, phonetorch, led, screen light
Symbian PhoneTorch freeware

» PhoneTorch Description

Use your Symbian 3rd and 5th Edition phone as a LED and screen flashlight. Features include LED and screen light, Morse signalling, quick switch on/off with camera keys and autostart.

the PhoneTorch for Symbian OS

» Comments

Sun7Mar at 12:17 pm
gagaga wrote...
nokia e90
Mon8Mar at 3:08 pm
user wrote...
Does not work on NOKIA E51
Tue9Mar at 10:23 am
Anooppv114 wrote...
Very good
Wed10Mar at 10:24 am
user2 wrote...
doesn't work on Nokia E71
Thu11Mar at 3:12 am
abdur wrote...
Thu11Mar at 12:27 pm
gokul wrote...
very nice application
Thu18Mar at 10:56 pm
sebastian wrote...
Sun21Mar at 6:16 am
zii. wrote...
Buggy on my N97, works mostly, but sometimes won't activate the LEDs at first try, and sometimes the program hangs... But it's better than no flashlight function at all.
Tue30Mar at 11:37 am
paxa wrote...
the newer version 2.0 which can be found on the homepage ( is far better and more stable.
Wed21Jul at 1:47 pm
joss wrote...
doesn't work on 6220 classic s60 3rd fp2
Thu19Aug at 9:57 pm
sabir khan wrote...
this is needy application for people so nokia should inbuilt this on camera mobiles
Thu19Aug at 9:58 pm
sabir khan wrote...
this is needy application for people so nokia should inbuilt this on camera mobiles
Wed8Sep at 10:19 am
denis wrote...
nice application help us in the dark
Sun10Oct at 2:21 pm
paxa wrote...
PhoneTorch 2.0 works on Nokia 6220 classic s60 3rd fp2. Version 1.0 does not.
Mon18Oct at 3:24 am wrote...
Sat20Nov at 2:09 pm
shakildadkhan wrote...
i failed to download and install it. It's only showing text message on my nokia 5320 mobile.
Sat8Jan at 8:47 am
Junaid wrote...
Buisness man
Sat29Jan at 3:33 am
yaser wrote...
Does not work on NOKIA E66
Sat26Feb at 11:38 pm
Amhar wrote...
hey hey hey
Sat28May at 6:01 am
emmanuel wrote...
i will like to download the application and i hope it works.
Tue7Jun at 9:49 am
Islam wrote...
I will like this
Tue21Jun at 7:51 am
rhaul wrote...
Thu23Jun at 1:16 pm
ashwin wrote...
good thng
Sun26Jun at 2:20 pm
Ndubisi wrote...
plz how can i get a software that i will use my Nokia6120c camera flashlight as a torch.
Fri8Jul at 10:53 pm
Danish wrote...
Is there any application which turn C-5 Nokia Led Flash into Torch or Flas Light ????
Thu28Jul at 4:41 pm
mohamed wrote...
ohhhhhhhhhh my good, it's very very good
Thu4Aug at 12:22 am
oladele abiodun m wrote...
phone touch
Thu4Aug at 1:00 am
Oladele abiodun m wrote...
Phone touch
Fri26Aug at 9:05 am
Amit wrote...
Phone torch is a very very good
Tue13Sep at 5:55 am
troy souza wrote...
i rely like it hope it'l work..
Wed14Sep at 6:10 pm
amad wrote...
nice soft :x
Thu27Oct at 1:15 pm
Minntu wrote...
Sun30Oct at 10:26 pm
Jhalak paudel wrote...
nokia c5
Sat10Dec at 1:23 am
madhusudan ts wrote...
good & nice
Sun1Jan at 1:06 pm
sharik wrote...
Sat14Jan at 9:54 am
zdeno wrote...
Mon30Jan at 8:58 am
sujan talukder wrote...
it a very good software
Tue31Jan at 7:11 pm
empty wrote...
can i use it in my phone nokia e71 its work or not
Thu16Feb at 4:00 am
rosmali wrote...
Sun19Feb at 4:48 am
titumir wrote...
fuck softwere
Mon20Feb at 11:31 am
rimon wrote...
Thu1Mar at 12:57 am
Farhan wrote...
doesn't work on Nokia E75
Tue27Mar at 6:49 am
anthony wrote...
i need c5 torch
Sun29Jul at 10:38 am
farvez wrote...
Tue28Aug at 11:59 am
thjen wrote...
Mon8Oct at 5:47 am
saurabh wrote...
Sun14Oct at 11:03 pm
amirzafar wrote...
I want phonetorch app for nokia 6120c
Tue20Nov at 8:35 am
zharmind wrote...
Sun16Dec at 8:24 am
Shahbaz wrote...



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